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Fallout 76 Players Host In-Game Iron Chef Cooking Challenge

Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Updates: The online version of Fallout 76 has seen roleplaying to some great levels. Players have been very creative in making game content enjoyable in variety of ways other than the standard charts. Such was the Iron Chef challenge hosted by the fans, which was an online cooking event in the game’s survival mode.

After the most recent Locked & Loaded update, the Fallout 76 DLC  has now some good quality of life improvements and enhanced gameplay features. Players can now have two bases simultaneously, thanks to the new C.A.M.P system. Also, the updated S.P.E.C.I.A.L loadouts for characters allows players to make presets for specific needs.

With such new features, the Fallout 76 fans decided to organize The Clawed Cooking challenge. Similar to the TV show Iron Chef,  contestants had to collect ingredients and cook meals to score points. But the online game had players go to the dangerous wastelands to collect the recipes with extra points points for rare ingredients.

All About Fallout 76

Fallout 76

As fun as it sounds, things got humorous when judges made their funny “roasting” remarks for the Fallout contestants.

This is just the beginning as similar challenges are expected to keep coming in the Fallout online fan world. But this is not the only positive for the game fanatics, as official updates are on the way too. This year itself Bethesda is set to launch at least three new DLC updates. These are expected to have newer quests, NPCs, territories and characters to play with.

Things are much better now for Bethesda since the initial bad reputation of the game. Better updates and loadouts have certainly made fans love the new Fallout. Moreover, fan made contestants such as the Clawed Cooking challenge have made things even more interesting for players worldwide. It’s evident that community driven initiatives have helped greatly to mend Fallout 76 ‘s initial fallout.

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