Far Cry 6 Will Not Feature Map Editor Or Arcade Mode

Far Cry 6 Updates: An AMA on Reddit revealed that Far Cry 6 will not ship this time with an arcade mode or even a map editor. It will be a really big change in this series since the previous titles in this series have always included this feature. New gameplay footage was revealed in May.

Since then, Ubisoft and Far Cry 6 have made a lot of headlines. This particular footage showed off the tormented fictional island of Yara, which was cut off from the rest of the world by a violent revolution 50 years prior to the game’s release. This left Yara on the edge of a collapse, littered with decaying towns and murderous riots.

Though Far Cry 6 does take inspiration from real-life warfare and political unrest, the developers have stayed away from associating the game with any special conflict. Far Cry 6’s narrative director Navid Khavari has stated that “the story is political” but they avoided linking it directly to anyone source of real-world violence.

Obviously, there have been mixed reactions to the political intent of the game. But the latest Far Cry 6 footage has filled fans with a lot of interest. After the reveal, several members of Far Cry 6’s development team did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit with the fans.

Far Cry 6 Map Editor


.Many people were excited to find out more about Far Cry 6’s narrative, including whether there would be multiple story endings as has happened with previous titles of this series.

Some others were interested to know about the game’s new additional features. When DANNYonPC inquired about Far Cry 6’s map editor, the game’s director Alexandre Letendre said “No, Arcade will not come back.

The absence of an Arcade mode and a map editor for Far Cry 6 would surely disappoint many of the fans since they have been habitual of this amazing feature.

The team at Ubisoft though said that there are good reasons for not including the map editor again in Far Cry 6, and the main story would surely benefit from the increased attention that would be given to it. We’ll have to see though, how the story is shaped this time.

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