Battlefield 4 Is Free With Amazon Prime Until June 20

Battlefield 4 Updates: Amazon Prime has a great offering for its members. The company is providing a free copy of Battlefield 4 to its subscribers, and this offer can be claimed until June 20.

This offer has been nicely timed, knowing the fact that the upcoming reveal of the Battlefield 6 is coming very soon. It is the first entry in the franchise since BF4 to leave past wars behind for near-future combat.

After months and months of rumors and speculations, EA has finally announced that the Battlefield 6 would be revealed on June 9 at 7 AM PDT/10 AM EDT. How would the game be named, and would the leaks regarding the naming be true, remains to be seen. There is a possibility that the title may be simply named as “Battlefield”.

The official teaser that came didn’t reveal anything regarding the date of announcement, though leaks of a still unrevealed Battlefield 6 trailer have given players an idea about how the game is going to be.

Battlefield 4 Teaser


The latest freebie that Amazon Prime is giving is Battlefield 4. This one has a modern setting similar to Battlefield 6. Included in the BF4 deal is a digital code for the standard edition of the game’s PC version for Origin. The claimed copy could be activated until July 21, after which the code is bound to expire.

The standard edition includes just the basic game, which means that any of the DLCs and expansions would have to be purchased separately. Nevertheless, it is always a nice initial point to get acquainted with the iconic multiplayer shooter of the game.

There have been many leaks that have come out regarding the debut trailer of the upcoming official announcement of the next battlefield game, and so the suspense has kind of been spoiled. Almost the entire video has leaked, and it can be viewed online.

This has forced the developers of the game to present a different version altogether on June 9. EA and Xbox have given away some key launch details about the game through hints on various social media handles, which confirm the rumors that Battlefield 6 may come to Xbox Game Pass at release.

It is quite logical that Amazon Prime’s offer of a free battlefield 4 copy has been released to promote the modern settings of the game. Fans have been waiting for the game since a long time, and we hope that it delivers on the front as well.

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