Far Cry 6: Why Far Cry Weapon Tier System Isn’t Returning

Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 Updates: The main reason why the weapon tier system isn’t returning to the Far Cry 6 is that the latter feature prevented creativity in weapon choice. And instead of giving this feature to the fans, the developers have decided to upgrade the weapon customization system.

Though Far Cry New dawn’s weapon tier system worked well for the spinoff game, developer and publisher Ubisoft have decided to remove it from Far Cry 6. The new title would feature more advanced crafting and customization systems than past games in the series.

Ubisoft said that the tier system they introduced did not match Far Cry 6’s “fantasy and world”. The tier system separated weapons in mainly four categories – rank 1,2,3 and Epic. It tasked players with leveling up the weapons Bench to be able to craft weapons at each of the tiers.

In the games that came before, players had the ability to equip the attachments they wanted onto their weapons. But the tier system lacked this customization, and it started to lock some guns until the late game. It prevented players from tailoring each weapon to their playstyle. Every gun was pre-made, and only the Epic weapons could produce the highest damage, so the majority of the players ended up using the same guns by the end of the campaign.

Far Cry 6 Weapon Tier System

Far Cry 6

The gameplay started to become monotonous and obsolete. The system forced players to use the weapons they might not have wanted to, abandoning early-tier weapons that almost became obsolete with rising enemy health bars. And fans would be delighted to know that this system would no more work in Far Cry 6.

In reply to a Reddit AMA, Far Cry 6 game director Alexandre Letendre said that the tiers were “good for New Dawn, but didn’t fit [Far Cry 6’s] fantasy and world.” Instead, the customization present in the new game would also include a rough-and-tumble guerilla fighter.

There are some much-needed improvements in Far Cry 6. The trailers released showcase a wide range of unique, makeshift “Resolver” weapons. These can be made completely from scratch like in New Dawn, but with the added ability for players to customize them in any way they choose. This time, there are no workbench upgrades or tier system holding them back, and it gives players a “stronger feeling of choice,” as lead game designer David Grivel told GameSpot.

Ubisoft is trying to make Far Cry 6 grander than the earlier ones, with the largest map in the franchise and a more in-depth crafting system. Though we would have to wait to see how the gameplay turns out to be, it looks promising to say the least.

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