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Lost AirPod: Can we locate AirPod With A Dead Battery?

Lost AirPod With A Dead Battery Details

AirPod if misplaced or stolen can be tracked using Apple’s tracking features and The Find My network. However, it is unlikely to guide if the earbuds’ batteries get exhausted.
Though Apple is continually developing technologies to track lost items, it’s still possible only if connections can be built with those devices. If failed to build the required connection, for users retrieving their belongings will become difficult or even impossible.

The Find My network and other features of Apple to trace the misplaced have grown considerably over the past times. Surely the company’s hardware provided a robust location and tracking solution.

The recent Apple technology released its AirTag location tracker guide. AirTag can be attached to almost anything, even the family pet. And this Apple tracking network can now be used to trace several other items. Even those that can’t connect to the internet. Almost anything can be converted to an IoT and put into the network.

So What When Lost AirPod Battery Is Dead?

Lost AirPod With A Dead Battery

The Find My network can help one to track a lost, stolen, or missing AirPods and AirPods Pro earbuds, and AirPods Max headphones. But if earbuds have fully run out of battery, it fails to make the necessary connection. Thus cannot help the user to find them. But this is not the only limitation!  The situation of searching for lost AirPods when they are in their case and charging will also face the same problem. Thus the only time it can be tracked and located is when it is outside of the case and has not already run out of battery charge. So what do we do if we are in those limitations?

If both the buds are lost and one still having some charge, it may be feasible to track the other one knowing the area of the one with some charge. Similarly, if they have some charge a short time ago, it’s conceivable the user will be given their last known area. Sometimes that may be sufficient to trace the lost AirPods’ current location. However, if enough time has and the user couldn’t find it manually the only option left is buying a replacement AirPod or pair.

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