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Money Heist Season 6: An Actress evokes a possible sequel to the series!

Money Heist Season 6

Money Heist Season 6 Updates: While fans are impatient to discover the ultimate opus, an actress sows doubts about a possible sixth season of La Casa de Papel.

Like Berlin, Nairobi could appear in the fifth installment. While waiting for new information on this subject, speculation is rife on the web. While some of the theories presented seem unrealistic, others deserve the full attention of fans. One of these plausible hypotheses lifts the veil on the mysterious German. There is no doubt that the next opus will reveal the truth about the character. Some fans are however convinced that the sixth burst of episodes will be necessary to reveal all the secrets. Especially since an actress from La Casa de Papel has sown doubt on this subject.

La Casa de Papel: Will there be Money Heist season 6?

Money Heist Season 6

About Money Heist Season 6, During an interview with Vertele, Itziar Ituno aka Lisbon had mentioned a possible sequel to the series. “I think it is the right decision to close the story of La Casa de Papel there, but who knows if a future will not be reconsidered,” she confided. It must be said that his words are ambiguous, to say the least. Anyway, it did not take more to start the rumors about the sixth installment of La Casa de Papel. However, the last I heard was that the fifth season was heralded as the final installment in Alex Pina’s series.

 So, Is Money Heist Season 6 even possible?

Since the very first installment, the Spanish show has caused a sensation with viewers around the world. Over the seasons, the craze has continued to grow. As a result, the streaming giant could renew the series for a sixth installment in the face of the success of the next opus. But for now, fans are hoping this final burst of episodes will exceed their expectations. According to the rumors, the broadcast would be scheduled for the end of 2021.

Money Heist Season 5: Release Date

More than a few months of waiting!
The release of La Casa de Papel season 5 has been postponed many times by the production of the series. The global pandemic which has spread over a long period is undoubtedly the main reason. The resulting lockdown required producers to work harder to ensure internet users don’t wait too long. Grunts are indeed beginning to be heard in the ranks of the followers of this Netflix production and they are not ready to fall again.

This last part of La Casa de Papel should end the adventures of the professor and his band of gifted robbers. See you for the month of August 2021 for the release of the new episodes.