Money Heist Season 6: Will it Happen or Not? – Possible Release Date

Money Heist Season 6 will happen or Not? As the makers decided to over the series at Season 5, the fans are expecting to view more about the Professor’s Gang. Money heist is a Spanish series based on a heist crime drama created by Álex Pina. “La casa de Papel” or the house of paper was first aired on 2nd May 2017 in Spain and gained a lot of popularity on Netflix.

The series was supposed to be limited but the series was continued because of a lot of international public interest. Season 5 of money heist came out on 3rd September 2021 with its first part which included 5 episodes, part 2 which also has five episodes is set to release on 3rd December in the same year.

About Money Heist Season 5 part 1

Season 5 started with us knowing that the professor was taken by the police officer Alicia Sierra who at the moment was pregnant. The season started with Lisbon or the professor’s wife being in the bank with the others where they have a lot of trouble maintaining peace inside the bank with the hostages. They even try cutting out a deal with the police officers but since Alicia Sierra was gaslighted by her own department she chose best not to tell her department that she had found the professor and they cut a deal eventually.

The army was called since it was no longer a case of only Bank security but of international matters, the army broke in and they knew that they had to do something about it while on the other hand where Alicia Sierra had the professor and was trying to see how she could get information out of him during that time her water broke and her baby was coming where the professor helped her rather than just letting her be.

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Looking at his kindness she promised that she wouldn’t do anything to harm him or the people in the bank who he called family but now with the army in the bank, they have a great intervention to deal with. In the crossfire, our beloved Tokyo dies with Rio and her relationship moving forward Rio is heartbroken knowing that Tokyo had died. It was the end of season 5 and she took the assassin killer who killed Nairobi with her. A very sad moment for all of the crew but we still don’t have the answer to why was it Tokyo who was narrating the series and who will narrate it now that she is gone.

Announcement or Updates about Money Heist Season 6

As for Money Heist Season 6 there won’t be one it was announced on July 31st 2021 that the series will only have season 5 and that’s will be the end of it there is also a rumor of a Korean series related to money heist that will be in session next year but we don’t know much about it. The best we can do now is to wait for season 5 part 2 and let money heist break our hearts just the way it broke the mint of Spain and the Bank of Spain by not having more seasons to it.

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