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Money Heist season 6 coming up in near future?

Money Heist season 6
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Money Heist Season 6 Updates: Money Heist is one of the most popular and loved series on Netflix. A few days back, on Friday, September 3, 2021, the first part of season 5 was released on Netflix. The fans were really sad because the makers decided to end this series. This news backed every fan of Money Heist. Season 5 is the last season of this exciting, thrilling, and beloved series.

Season 5 will check the patients of every fan. As it was released after a long wait of about one whole year. Due to the covid-19 pandemic situation, the production of this series was delayed a bit. Because of which the fans have to wait for a long time.

There was a huge excitement for all the fans when Netflix announced that the production of season 5 of Money Heist has been completed and will release in 2021.

All About Money Heist season 6

Money Heist season 6
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Yet, it didn’t release in the usual way. The makers are still testing the patience of all the fans by releasing the season into two parts. The first part of season 5 got released on Friday, September 3, 2021.

The one more drawback to this release was that only five episodes were dropping at first. Most of the fans have already binged watched that episode in one sitting. The one who has already watched all the five episodes will have to wait again for a little long time for the second part.

A lot of fans are still hoping that season 6  might come up short. There would have been chances of the fulfillment of the demand of the fans if the makers would not have decided to end the series.

They have now given their official statement about ending the Money Heist series. So, the people who are watching season 5 with a sad heart let’s just hope together that somehow the makers change their mind and we get to see more of this amazing series.