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YOU Season 3 Performances Are Insanely Good Says Showrunner

You season 3

YOU Season 3 Updates: As of now The longtime Netflix The showrunner YOU has coming up with its new season which is insanely exciting which was premiered in 2018 and its second season was on aired on 2019.

With all the thriller gossip girls a quiet New York City bookstore clerk with a dark secret has decided to pursue the bookish writer Beck which has a turn crush from suite to sinister.

It was very Obssessive forge or nature and A intention off killer to close it on back Joe wonder how far he can go for his love. This series were all based upon the thriller trilogy by CAROLINE KEPNES who will feature the novel of you, hidden bodies and you love me with the third release of the novel earlier in this month.

The second season of view has been a relocating the sunny Los Angeles for a refresh start after all the romantic demands of his relationship with Baker it was unexpectedly fine that romance in the arms of love Victoria petretti has a name in Los Angeles socialite with a mysterious past.

After the first season of you Netflix has around over 43 million views completed for the entire season at a time of it released although this number has grew to 54 millions after the release of word second season which was released in 2019 and Netflix ranked you the fifth most viewed show in the US.

All About YOU Season 3

You Season 3 Release date

What to expect from season three. Next slide this shoran of you you can expect Sarah gamble who earlier shared a Twitter of season 3 cast and crew held it a very successful shoot despite of all the circumstances of pandemic according to gamble there was no crew member and cast who was contacted for COVID-19 despite of the search of variant in Los Angeles and compliance COVID-19 has issued over 32,000 covid test recently.

As per the information of you season three gamble was unable to disclose all the details in the tweet but somehow she gave us a hint.

Due to the most critically acclaimed show on Netflix it was information regarding for the new season of you post production was already been delayed due to the pandemic.

As part the resources there was no doubt that the season three will be a fantastically a bunker especially after all the twist has been revealed in the end of season 2 which we have to discover that it was not only the love but a murderous as Joe call mom as she was bearing his child, each of the season of you has bring a whole new set of character an all new scenarios which has the arc of his relationship with love is likely to be continue and will be explored in season three as of two manage the rise of a child together. After overall episodic structure of the show it will remain the same and the third season  likely to be introduced new characters and all the thrilling situations that will keep the audience.

You is a immensely unique TV drama which is not only about the marriage of our romance and thriller style but also the incredibly nuanced performance as Joe.

It is a self narrating serial killer who somehow manages to get viewers at his root but himself and despise half his obsession and criminal actions which are full of his thoughts 8 oftentimes in TV dramas viewers does not experience a life from a killer perspective but it was a humanizing first person addition and you which engaging the audience in a new way for all the dynamic tested as Joanne love witches domesticate their love in season three.

But! All the fans of you are likely to be satisfied no matter the whatever the outcome would be the show must be go on with a successful record.

You season three is all sad to shattered the Netflix record with its new record when after Its release this year.