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You Season 3 Trailer Revealed Dark New Twist. Click to know

You Season 3
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You Season 3 Updates: The original show of Netflix named You Season is all set to return back with its third Season on the OTT platform.

You Season 3 Trailer

The Season 3 trailer reveals that the couple will have a child and move to a new area called Madre Linda. It also shows us that Joe is working hard to adapt to regular civilian life. But on some occasions, there will be some repetition in their normal behavior. This time too it looks like Zoya has a new obsession to divert her attention.

Whereas Luv focuses on having a family unit that is happy together for their new baby. But this may have caused some tension between the couple, leading to an exciting development for the audience.

While this is playing in the background, it seems that Love is focused on having a family unit that is together for their new baby. This could create some tension between the couple, making it an exciting development for the audience.


You Season 3

Victoria Pedretti plays Love Quinn, Joe’s pregnant girlfriend and now wife, and the only remaining heir to the Quinn family. Shalita Grant plays Sherry Conard, a locally famous mother influencer who is admired by her social media followers for her well-groomed personality.

Travis Van Winkle as Carrie Conrad, a wealthy, charismatic, and self-proclaimed founder who runs his own supplement company. Saffron Burroughs as Dottie Quinn, who plays Love’s grieving mother.

Tati plays Gabrielle Marianne, a no-nonsense librarian who struggles with personal problems while trying to create a better future for herself and her young child. While Dylan Arnold plays a college student with a strained relationship with his stepfather and who is suffering from addiction issues named Theo Angler.

Release Date

The series titled You is all set to release its third season on Netflix on 15 October 2021. The series consists of 10 episodes. The names of the episodes are as follows:-

“And They Lived Happily Ever After”
“So I Married An Axe Murderer”
“Missing White Woman Syndrome”
“Hands Across Madre Linda”
“Into The Woods”
“We’re All Mad Here”
“Swing and a Miss”
“Red Flag”
“What is love?”