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Fear the Walking Dead: Big Reveal by the Showrunner for next episode

Fear the Walking Dead
Alycia Debnam-Carey as Alicia Clark - Fear the Walking Dead _ Season 6 - Photo Credit: Ryan Green/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead Updates: The big reveal in Fear the Walking Dead Chapter 10 is symbolic of David Fincher’s Fight Club. With Virginia out of the scene, last week’s Fear the Walking Dead story centers on the characters.

Morgan and Daniel, already settled in their current apartment, struggling to keep the party secure, fearing a much greater danger lies deep on the horizon. Stuff goes wrong as Morgan goes on a delivery run. While Daniel tries to keep everything together, signs available evidence points to a spy in the party. Meanwhile, Daniel unconsciously conducted the murders, resulting in a plot right out of Fight Club.

There are many laws in Morgan’s recently founded agreement. The other one is that no guns are permitted within the wall. Strand and Sherry, together with the other Outsiders, reluctantly search their weapons at front fence. They are therefore placed in a shed that only Morgan and Daniel have access to.

Fear the Walking Dead: What May Happen?

A sudden blast happens as the combined teams explore the prospect of a new attack. A swarm of pedestrians enters until they can determine that whether the collision was unintentional or not.

Daniel is demanded to hand over their arms by the squad. When he finally returns to recover them, he finds that they have vanished.

The disappearance of the guns incites fear and indignation. Daniel persuaded that one of them is a spy, singles out Strand, who has a habit of breaking the rules and sneaking in a rifle.

Strand, who is accused, is imprisoned and interrogated by him. When Morgan arrives to save them from the vampires, he makes a startling revelation. Daniel is the “betrayer” in question.

While Daniel claims he has no recollection of doing so, factsFear the Walking Dead ig Reveal show he carried the weapons into his barn. In addition, rather than Morgan’s cabin, he sent Grace and Charlie to a vulnerable place. Though he is certain they misunderstood him, Grace and Charlie delete a graph with a dotted area he marked for evidence.

Daniel, shocked, needs June’s assistance. She removes him from all neuropsychiatric disorders after completing trials. She believes that his problem is neurological and that he is restricting emotions as a result of abuse.

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Though Daniel does not provide hallucinations in another persona, his plot is similar to that of the Author in Fight Club. Upon meeting Tyler Durden on an airplane, the Author and Tyler develop an unlikely relationship and immediately begin a successful Fight Club.

The Author, on the other hand, becomes afraid of Tyler as he engages in much more drunkenness and aggression. The ending of the movie shows that the Speaker and Tyler seem to be identical male. When the Author realizes Tyler will be his own saboteur, he fires via his own eye, murdering Tyler.

Daniel remains important for the security of the peace structure, just as he did at the Gonzalez Dam. Given that civilians got murdered and the lake was ruined, he is concerned that Morgan’s settlement would face the same fate.

Daniel, like the Author in Fight Club unwitting personality. In half of season 3, Strand fired Daniel in the cheek, leaving him with almost the same scar as the Storyteller.