All About ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 6 Episode 1 [Spoilers Alert]

Fear the Walking Dead Updates: The new season of Fear the Walking Dead is all prepared to introduce a new villain to the audience. And the moment it started the show has depicted worst of the humanity, evil tricks people delve in to make the most for themselves, and events of the post-apocalyptic world.

The amazing Villain in Fear the Walking Dead

The franchise is enriched in numerous villains, and it seemed most difficult to bring a villain of the same aura but Demetrius Grosse’s unnamed bounty hunter from the sixth season certainly made a dominating impression. Unfortunately, his presence was not for too long as Morgan Jones (Lennie James) killed him in the battle.

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The bounty hunter was hired by Virginia (Colby Minifie) to find Morgan Jones and to assure his death. He tracks his path along with his dog companion, Rufus, the bounty hunter has an inherent sense of stalking his prey, which makes him a challenging enemy.

Fear the Walking Dead season 6

Adding to his personality- he occupies a weapon which is a makeshift ax with blades sharp enough to chop the heads off walkers and humans in a single take. The weapon associates with memories and the sole thing that keeps the bounty hunter sustain throughout the whole series.

Bounty Hunter an unforgettable villain

He is indeed the most memorable villain irrespective of his intimidating nature he shows the signs of politeness. Stories are better served with deals and negotiations and bounty hunters follow the reverence of social contracts.

In total it’s a wrapped up scenario of civilization that was dissolved in the apocalypse, that the character wants to surface back with his wit and cordiality. Even he’s quite threatening, chopping the heads of many but he’s performance is quite remarkable on screen.

Bounty Hunter carries the role of a lone wolf and still claims over a great part of the show. Through his bargaining skills, high-risk stakes, and resilience, he made a huge appearance. Sadly, Morgan defeated him and sent his head back to Virginia in a box. We won’t be seeing more of his smile in the future

The next episode of ‘Fear the walking dead’ will air on October 18 on AMC at 9 pm ET.

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