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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Will We See Mr. Dolphin

Final Fantasy 7
Screen Rant

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Updates: Final Fantasy is the first in the remaking of the 1997 PlayStation game Final Fantasy VIII. It is a RPG – Role Playing Genre. Final Fantasy has been known for it story lines that does not only include heroic stances but also appreciates humor through silly and ludicrous moments.

It revolves around the character, Cloud Strife, member of SOLDIER, who turned mercenary and joined AVALANCHE an Eco-terrorist group to fight Shinra cooperation who have been deploying the energy of the planet.

Since, Final Fantasy has never shied away from adding an amalgamation of silly moments for entertainment purposes one would expect more of Cloud and Dolphin scenes; as the last most bizarre yet funny scene was when Cloud was being lifted by a dolphin to reach a high girder.

The scene’s ridiculous nature is more easily acknowledged in the original game, obliging to that fact that there were all cartoonish models but to think that the animated version could bring this masterpiece of a scene back with more realistic graphics is very intriguing and exciting.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Mr. Dolphin

Final Fantasy 7
Screen Rant

The Remake project has already been applauded a lot in its first installment by demonstrating same scenes under different light adapting to the current nature of values. The original game has a cross dressing scene was was earlier portrayed as a funny and humorous take on Cloud but in the Remake, the focus was on the celebration of gender fluidity and diversity as manifested in the emotions of Cloud.

Now, for Mr. Dolphin’s appearance in the Remake, one has be very hopeful as either they can reenact the scene with the girl and the dolphin in Junon, rather than just focusing on the marine mammal’s acrobatic abilities; or they can simply not re create the entire scene r any scene with Mr. Dolphin in it. Even if they put in the scene of Cloud in a rift with Shinra corporation they could still find less silly means of getting him to the upper section of Junon than simply lifting him n Dolphin.

However they could still put scenes with Mr. Dolphin while showing other relevant causes like the damaging effects on marine life by surrounding it around Dolphin’s life.

Well a fan can only hope and wait for the release to see.

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