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My hero One’s Justice: Villains we want to see again in the game

My hero One's Justice Villains

My hero One’s Justice is based on a superhero series, My Hero Academia, which was later released in March 2020. This video game had a unique take on superpower contrary to what we usually see revolving around Quirks and Villains. My Hero One’s Justice 3 is expected to release next year. Fingers crossed. It is a tech-savvy game so is expected to be available on PS5, Xbox series XIS along with Nintendo Switch, Windows, PS4, and Xbox 360. And now for the most anticipatory premise of the game, the deemed deserving villains to be expected on the game.

My hero One’s Justice: Villains we want to see again in the game

HOOD – Hood is a host to several quirks like super strength, speed, flight, regeneration, shoulder-mounted jets, and the ability to shapeshift its arms for an attack. He might be only missing the ability to be invisible to be a superhero but nonetheless with his significant role in season 4 we are excited to see him again.

SPINNER IGUCHI – Till now he has played a background role in the team of villains but it could be up for change with him receiving a well-deserving focus. his quirk is Gecko – a mutation that gives him a lizard-like appearance and the ability t crawl along walls. His Quirk gives him the speed t defeat his rivals with an unmatched pace.

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GET – He is a part of the Meta Liberation Army. His quirk is unnamed but gives him the power to manipulate all ice within a massive radius and he can also freeze any water resources. How cool! In the Villain Academia, he fought alongside the army and was amazing. One could only what all he could do next with his superpower and to put it into action we need to see him again.

RE-DESTRO/RIKIYA YOTSUBASHI – He is the commander of the Meta Liberation Army and the central rival of the League of Villains. He follows the ideals of Destro. His quirk is stress that allows him to convert negative emotions into raw physical powers and we definitely want to see more of this.

TOMURA SHIGARAKI – At the end of season 5, Shigaraki is liberated. he retrospects his actions and awakens his true strength, gaining powers beyond anticipation and becomes a villain with destruction in his hands. He would be included definitely as he reeks of havoc and damage; everything a villain truly stands for.


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