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PUBG Mobile India: What Is The Release Date Of PUBG Mobile In India?

PUBG Mobile India 

PUBG Mobile India Updates: PUBG is the world’s most popular Battle Royale game. Indian Government banned PUBG in September 2020 under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act. It was banned amidst the surging tension with China.

Alongwith PUBG 58 other Chinese apps were also banned because of the concerns for data protection, to prevent any sensitive data being leaked to these countries.

The parent company of PUBG is Krafton which is a South Korean company but there was a presence of Tencet which is a Chinese company.

To get it’s ban removed Krafton even removed Tencet as one of the companies from PUBG but it was believed that it’s just a show and Tencet still holds a part in it. So, the Government decided that the ban wouldn’t be lifted up from PUBG.

Just after PUBG was banned in India the corporation announced that it would create a Indian version of the game which will represent India’s culture.

The company has been in continuous negotiations with the government since it’s ban. After it’s ban the Indian players started looking for an alternative to PUBG India and many started to use the PUBG Korean version or Call Of Duty.

Release Date of PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India
Image Source: India Today

Many fans of PUBG are awaiting for the release of Indian version of PUBG. It is expected to release soon. Recently a very popular Youtuber – Dynamo drew some speculations for the release of the game. He couldn’t give us the exact details.

Also, this wouldn’t be the first time a Youtuber has pointed towards the launch of the game in India. The relaunch of PUBG Mobile India is also speculated due to it’s various job listing which the company has done on LinkedIn.

If the company plans to release it’s trailer in April then the game is expected to come in May and if the trailer is delayed by another month then the release will be shifted accordingly.

The official teaser will be featuring Dynamo Gaming alongwith Jonathan Amaral and Chetan Chandgude. The things are not very clear about it release in India but let’s hope that it just doesn’t remain in history and comebacks.

The company has planned to invest $100 million in India to boost it’s local gaming sector and IT industry. The company has removed it’s support for PUBG Korea in India. It can be played by the gamers only till June 30.

After that it will no longer be functional. Apart from it’s release in India the company plans to release it’s another global update. It’s season 23 of PUBG Mobile lite is scheduled to end in April and the new season 24 will roll out on 1st May.

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