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PUBG Mobile India Launch Date: Latest Update Every PUBG Fan Must Know.

PUBG Mobile India 

Millions of PUBG lovers are there in India and they are desperately waiting for the relaunch of PUBG Mobile India, According to the latest update, PUBG corporation has cleared that they will not allow Indian players to PUBG in India with Japanese and Korean version.

As we know Game has different region-specific variants and PUBG Mobile Korea has gained popularity compared to other variants. After the ban of PUBG India most of the PUBG players in India started playing PUBG Kr but now PUBG developers have said that PUBG Kr in India can be played only till 30 June.

PUBG Mobile India

By doing such restriction will stop Indian players from playing the Korean version.

PUBG Mobile India Launch Date

Restricting the India player to play the Korean version is somewhat an indication that the Game will be relaunching soon. According to PUBG corporation, they are trying to launch PUBG Mobile India as soon as possible. The game seems to be in June. Recently there was seen a job listing on LinkedIn for the India subsidiary, an investment and Strategy Analyst who will responsible for the mergers and acquisitions in the country.

PUBG Corporation now has almost six jobs. Another job posting on LinkedIn was for a Product Manager in the country.

Game Launch Date in India

The game was banned by the Indian government in September 2020 because of data privacy concerns. It is noted that PUBG developers are yet to make a confirmed announcement regarding the relaunch of the game in Idnia. Which is going to happen soon. The chance of returning to PUBG Mobile India is high because of the constant job listing by PUBG Corporation on LinkedIn.

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