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Maisie Williams named first WWF Global Ambassador for Climate and Nature

Maisie Williams in an Event

Maisie Williams Updates: The 24 year old British actor, environmentalist, filmmaker, ‘Game Of Thrones’ star Maisie Williams joins hands with WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and becomes the first WWF Global Ambassador For Climate & Nature.

She confirmed this via YouTube. She further spoke in support of the foundation and it’s aim to reduce the climate crisis by 2030. WWF celebrated it’s 6oth Anniversary on 29 April 2021.

In her video for the charity she said that her personal goal is to realize people how everyone plays an important role in making a difference.

Her major inspirations includes the group ‘Extinction Rebellion’. Alongside her acting career she is also a environmental activist which explains her becoming the ambassador for WWF.

Maisie Williams: WWF Global Ambassador

Maisie Williams at Game of Thrones Premiere

Recently before joining hands with WWF, she was also appointed as Global Sustainability Ambassador for H&M. There was a bit of controversy around it. H&M was blamed for covering it’s tracks and history of mistreating workers by using this drive for sustainability.

It was seen as an act for washing the company’s name in market. Her role as a ambassador in the company would be working with the H&M experts so as to carve up a path for a sustainable future.

She stated that the long term goal for the sustainability drive is to utilize recycled materials for the entire H&M group by 2030. H&M group is willing to expend $100 million on it’s sustainability drive.

The future ventures of Maisie William includes the series Pistol. She has already joined Anson Boon on the sets of Pistol. The other cast includes Toby Wallace and Louis Partridge. The series is divided into six parts and is expected to be released in 2022.

In this series she can be seen playing the role of punk model Pamela Rooke i.e. Jordan. The filming for it began approximately a month ago. Some pictures of the shooting have come out which show her looking completely different.

Maisie Williams had played the role of Arya Stark in the popular series ‘Game Of Thrones’. This was her acting debut. Game of Thrones is a epic medieval fantasy drama. Her other television roles were in  Doctor Who (2015), Cyberbully (2015), iBoy, Two Weeks to Live.

She even appeared in The Falling, Mary Shelley, Then Came You, Early Man, The New Mutants, The Owners. She is also a internet entrepreneur and has an app, Daisie which is meant to help artists and they can even show their work on it.

She is also the Global Ambassador for Ric O’BArry’s Dolphin Project which works in the favor of Dolphins. She even supports various campaigns like that for Black Lives Matter, Trans rights. The actor has surely a lot on her bag.

For more updates on WWF and Maisie Williams keep tuned in with our site. Hope the readers found this articles to be useful.

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