One Piece Chapter 1010 Unlocks Zoro’s Greatest Power Yet

One Piece Chapter 1010

One Piece Chapter 1010 Updates: One-Piece reveals the hidden secret of Kaido’s great power in a new chapter in this series! Since his first encounter with Edichiro Odas’s original manga series.

Kaido has been touted as an immortal fairy who will never die no matter how much damage he tries. When we observed him carefully, we found that his body was very hard. Although it may initially appear to be the result of his Devil Fruit ability, the latest chapter in the series reveals the secret of his other power.

Luffy is trained on the Wano Country Arc and can use his power to better penetrate Kaido’s hard skin. Although it seems that he has found a way to destroy Kaido through Ryou, only the latest version is available.

This chapter in Luffy’s series of articles really reshaped Kaido’s actual fighting style. After seeing Zoro successfully destroy Kaido using the paint of the supreme king Haki, Luffy realizes that Kaido’s secret is the supreme king Haki.

One Piece Chapter 1010 Zoro’s Powers

One Piece Chapter 1010
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In Chapter 1010 of the plot, Zorro successfully wielded the supreme King Haki, and for the first time since the start of the battle, wounded Kaido at the top of the ghost island skull dome.

Luffy realizes that Kaido is using his Haki as Ryou. After meeting with the Kaidos club, Luffy asked if Kaido was using this King Hakis to attack.

Haki, Kaido smiled to confirm this, and what Luffy did surprised him. His two Harkis clash and found that they were fighting with each other without touching, which is very similar to the rye technique Luffy tried before.

Kaido seems to be an impressively powerful creature, but when Luffy discovers his secret, Kaido is not the factor that will ultimately help.

Luffy wins the battle But this is an important step for Luffy to defeat Kaido once and for all. like this. Looking back on your achievements in the series, does the secret power of Kaido make sense?

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