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Boruto Updates: Boruto: The next generation of Naruto. Not only introduced Team 7 to the mysterious character Kawaki at the VESSEL ARC. They also released the vessel of the Kara organization in Hidden Leaf Village. This action will continue in the next episode.

It also marks the return of the original materials issued by the manga. Fans have been looking forward to the next era of anime. As the last promotional event, this next era will begin later this year.

The anime brings to life the defining moment of the seventh Hokage. Since Naruto has decided that the best option for Kawaki and Hidden Leaf Village is to deliver the vessel into the Uzumaki clan proper. Everyone involved in the case seems to have something in common. In the next episode of the anime, Naruto will travel with Kawaki.

Twitter Users tweeted the preview for the 195 episodes of Baruto: Naruto the next generation. The episode sets focused on a day trip to the shops and Konoha’s market as Kawaki knows more about the environment in which he now finds himself in.

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When they take on the harmless task of buying a new vase, they pass through the hidden leaf. In a moment, including the reference to the fourth Hokage.

Which caused many people to die of laughter, in the upcoming anime plot. We will experience the poignant moment between the seventh Hokage and the vessel organized by Kara.

Konoha fans can look forward to delving into the events that occurred on the page of the manga “Baruto- Naruto: The Next Generation”.

Without disturbing the spoilers, the question between Naruto and Kawaki will always show how sensitive the Seventh Hokage is to this young man hired as a pawn in the Kara Organisation. Naruto spent most of his life as a wanderer in Konoha.

Thanks to the nine-tailed fox who shared his body with him, perhaps no one can endure the pain and suffer better than Kawaki. As the Kara organization is still operating in the background. Naruto and Hidden Leaf Village are facing many challenges that need to be resolved.

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