One Piece Chapter 1010: May Have Just Unlocked Their Conqueror’s Haki

One Piece Chapter 1010 Updates: These two supernovas reached their limit in “Chapter 1010”, showing that one of them even possesses Haki the Conqueror.

Chapter number #1009 is a quick offensive by the Supernova team, aiming to shoot down the big mother Yonko. Despite the impressive teamwork and strategy, Zoro suffered shocking losses while preventing the attack. In Chapter #1010, when he and Traffic fight alone, pain strikes.

However, this will not prevent the samurai or their captain from exceeding their capabilities. A little khaki deserved it. After in-depth training in Wano, these sophisticated technologies may be useful to our captain and co-pilot in the future.

The set-up for that is Big Moms persevering with fall to the sea underneath her. Prometheus attempts to store her in the air however is averted via way of means of Zoros non-stop reducing of the hearthplace homie.

Law is amazed that Zoro can even move given how effective the mixed assault via way of means of the 2 Yonko was. Kaido steps in to store Prometheus, however the Laws’s Op-Op Fruit powers permit him to teleport Zoro out of harm’s way, at the same time as additionally putting Kaidos neck.

One Piece Chapter 1010 Other Information:


Zoro, whose life is threatened by Kaido, steps forward to face the human-dragon hybrid. With the three swords in hand, the swordsman starts a technique that Zoro had not used since the time leap: the nine demonic aura sword style, which manifested two additional Zoros: – with three swords each – was the way he did CP9 defeated Agent Kaku in the Enie’s lobby, and it is by far his most powerful attack.

When Zoro triggers the simultaneous nine-sword move, known as Dead Man’s Game, on Kaido, the pirate emperor receives a deep wound on his chest. Even though he stays on his feet, it’s still impressive that Zoro leaves his mark. the only other person who has.

Kaido is so stunned that he suspects Zoro Conquerors used Haki or The Color of the Supreme King. Zoro doesn’t know what Kaido is talking about, but Zoro’s latest tech may be a manifestation of his conqueror, Haki – if he does possess it.

Unfortunately, Zoros’ entire stamina with this technique is completely exhausted, so there is nothing he can do to defend himself against Kaido’s next step. Law intervenes to save the swordsman, but Kaidos is ready for the surgeon this time and hits him with thunder Bagua.

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