Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Finale Ends with an Emotional Mikasa Reunion

Attack On Titan Chapter 139

Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Updates: The end of Attacks On Titans is here, and fans will talk about it for many years to come. We warned you that “Attack on Titan” will not have a happy ending, and we are definitely correct about this. Eren Jaeger made a controversial decision and showed the world a rumble.

This was a devastating event that almost brought countless death, pain, and terror to all mankind. This was a turning point in love and friendship, but in the end, Mikasa experienced an emotional reunion.

Warning: Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Spoilers Ahead!

The concluding chapter of the series shows how Mikasa choose what shed was dodging the final arc: kill Eren. By cutting off the head of the Founding Titan, Mikasa not only eliminated Ellen, but also destroyed the rumble and the threat of the entire Titan, and restored all pure Titans to human form.

Knowing that she didn’t really want to protect Eren, she just loved him, it turns out that even though she released all the horror, Eren also loved her.

Since the attack of the Titans, the end of the Titans does not mean that mankind has a happy ending. Marley still didn’t believe that the Eldian race was no longer a threat, and the Titans did disappear.

Attack On Titan Chapter 139
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Paradis Island and its war faction Jageristas are still skeptical of the outside world. Humans no longer attack others, but the tension continues.

When Armin, Levi, Reiner, Annie, and other survivors performed a global peace mission in the final battle, Mikasa simply retreated to Paradis Island and buried Eren. It stays under the tree where they walked when they were young. This is where Mikasa and Eren met for the last time.

Like when Mikasa informed Erens’ grave that Amin and his company would return to Paradis Island and visit him. At that moment, a bird flew up and pulled the scarf worn by Mikasa and the scarf belonged to Eren. After saving them when they were young. Mikasa is very far away when she said: “Thank you for wrapping this scarf around me.

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Eren’s final afterlife scene in “Attack on Titan” is the biggest controversy in the series finale. One (among other controversies). Fans love that creator HaJime Isayama foresaw this ending from the first act of Attack on Titan.

On the other hand, some fans are not particularly keen to think that Eren, who committed the genocide, finally gave him the karma reward for returning the birds freely as usual.

The attack on Titan Comics has ended. The series will be released in 2022.

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