Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Finale Delivers Heart Wrenching Levi Moment

Attack On Titan Chapter 139
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Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Updates: Chapter 139 “Attack on Titans” puts an end to the difficult history of the Scout Regiment, and comics fans may argue whether the latest chapter of the series meets expectations, but readers will find it difficult to resist.

Levi easily won the fan-favorite of Hajime Isayama’s epic anime franchise. So it is clear that the captain of the scout has a chance in the sun and played a key role in the final chapter.

Attack On Titan Chapter 139 Spoilers Ahead

Therefore, if you don’t want the rest of the anime season 4 to spoil Chapter 139 of the “Attacks on Titan” manga, shun.

The Eren Jaeger and Survey corps lost their minds to the attacking Titan due to Mikasa’s attack, and he was able to use the power of the Titan to gift his former friend. The world brought back by Gaby, Falco, Connie, and Jean, to name a few.

Attack On Titan Chapter 139
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Before Ymir’s rule, the Boy Scouts were finally able to see some of their lost friends and family and gave Captain Levi the opportunity to say goodbye to his fallen comrades at an exciting time.

He took this opportunity to meet Erwin, Hange, and many of his colleagues again, and greeted them for the last time before they set off. As for the underworld, although he suffered a lot in the last fight with Eren, Levis’s strength is not only due to his ability to use mobile team power but also to his dedication to teammate Eldians.

At the last moments of this chapter, Levi passed his life and finally found peace after fighting with external and internal threats for most of the time.

Although we doubt whether there will be a sequel to “Attack on Titan”, Lewis will continue to be the most popular anime character in the years after the series ends.

When Levi says goodbye to his late comrade-in-arms forever, what do you think of this heartbreaking scene?

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