Attack on Titan Final Chapter to Release Extra Pages Soon

Attack on Titan
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Attack on Titan Final Updates: The attack on Titan may have ended its manga, but the series offers even more to enjoy. Of course, the anime plans to end next year when season four returns for the final half.

And now a new report has confirmed. Some invisible pages will be added to the end of Attack on Titans in no time.

The update comes from Kodansha, when the translators shared the good news of the latest editorial magazine. There, the company confirmed that the final “Attack on Titan” volume will contain some previously unpublished pages. No other pages were included in the first impression. Chapter 139, but will be in volume 34 at the time of publication.

Of course, this update means that the additional pages will be published earlier in Japan than in the US. After all, manga volumes still have long waiting times when it comes to translation.

When Volume 34 of Attack on Titan opens in Japan this summer, it could be winter or later before fans in the US can see the band in English. Attack on Titan Chapter 139 Leak-The final chapter of the manga, numerous web sites and sources are leaking spoilers.

Attack on Titan Final Other Information:

Attack on Titan
Comic Book

If you’d like to catch up on Attack on Titan before this final volume is released, there are a couple of different ways you can view the manga.

Crunchyroll has digital access to the entire manga, but you must be a premium subscriber to view the library. You can also purchase individual comixology chapters if you want to expand your digital collections!


It’s only a few days since “Attack on Titan” completed the first part of its fourth season. The last chapter of the comic will be released on April 9.  Readers of the comic are happy to see that the ending of the story will be spoiled.

The case ended and leaked on the Internet. Since the countdown is before the start of the last chapter of the most popular “Boy”, here is a detailed introduction to the leaks caused by the attack on the Titans in Chapter 139.

In Chapter 138, we see Mikasa spending time with Ellen while dreaming. The last panel of the chapter indicates Mikasa retaining and kissing Eren’s head, at the same time as Ymir is status in the back of him. This is the leak in Chapter 139 of the AOT

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