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Destiny 2: Iron Banner Weapons For Next Season Revealed

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Destiny 2 Updates: Destiny 2’s Iron Banner event is going to be adding new weapons and themed armor, including some previous items making a comeback to the sport.

The all-new items for this month’s season of the Iron Banner in Destiny 2 are revealed, including some old favorites making a return. New armor sets and weapons are going to be added to the sport once Iron Banner season kicks off, with in-game currency to be earned and spent.

Destiny 2’s Iron Banner may be a limited-time-only Crucible event, which runs once a month for a whole week. This mode may be a little different from regular Crucible matches, rewarding Destiny players who are grinding to higher levels by keeping level advantages enabled.

Usually, in the Crucible, all the players are rounded right down to a good footing, whereas here players can boast their well-earned superiority.

In the beginning, Lord Saladin would oversee the event, but the Iron Banner is now handled by Lady Efrideet, who runs the event store where players can hand in Iron Banner tokens for brand spanking new shaders, emblems, weapons, and armor. Guardians must be a minimum of level 40 or a neighborhood of a fireteam to participate.

Bungie has revealed just what the developers have future for Destiny 2 players during this month’s Iron Banner during a new blog post. While there was a picture of the guns in the post, the developers are keeping most of the small print quiet, not revealing exactly which weapons are going to be returning.

All About Destiny 2 Weapons

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All that’s known is that two of the guns are going to be weapons that were previously in the Iron Banner. supported the image, it is often inferred that the weapons returning are going to be the FINITE impactor and therefore the Occluded Finality, a hand cannon, and a precision rifle. Both of those weapons are from the Warmind expansion in Year 1 of Destiny.

The other two guns in the image appear to be a shotgun and a machine gun. Not much is understood about them, but it might be assumed that these weapons are going to be getting a replacement pool of perks during Season 14, even as other previous Iron Banner weapons have.

Also mentioned in the post was Iron Banner-themed armor. in the past, Bungie has re-released older Iron Banner armor sets with updated mechanics to suit the Amor 2.0 mod system, so it is sensible that the new Iron Banner armor is going to be getting an equivalent treatment.

Destiny players should note that you simply can only earn these Iron Banner-themed sets during the Iron Banner with specific Iron Banner currency earned through matches and bounties.

The next Iron Banner in Destiny 2 will begin on April 13, running for a whole week. the present season of Destiny 2, Season 14, will endways May 11. Until then Guardians can still earn the rewards and limited-time-only gear from these events.