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Loki Season 1: Powers, Strengths and Weaknesses


Loki Season 1 Updates: It’s very exciting to see Loki in action once more, with the release of the newest Loki trailer, the God of Mischief is not holding back, using his combat, knife, and magic skill throughout the preview.

And this how powerful God is, but still he also has Weakness. This article will address his weakness and strength in relation to the MCU.

Loki is a Frost Giant. Loki believes that he was an Asgardian, but his reality shattered when he learned he was a Frost Giant. He was born small in size compare to other Frost Giant and was abandoned.

The baby Loki was found by Odin when Odin took him into his arms his appearance changes into Asgardian. From there only Odin and Frigga raised him and kept his identity secret.

Loki Season 1 Strengths and Weaknesses Explained


Loki is a magic user who was trained by Frigga both of them have the same abilities, like casting illusion. To trick others Loki can make copies of himself similarly as he did in Frost Giants and Thor in the 2011 film.

Loki can also shapeshift, which he did the number of times in The Dark World, in which he turned into Captain America. He has the ability to change his wearing transforming his black suit into Asgardian clothes in Thor: Ragnarok.

Finally, Loki’s emotion makes him vulnerable. That can be weakness and strength, which totally depends on the situation. His love towards Frigga also a huge toll on him mentally, as seen in The Deal World, It’s his love towards Thor that leads him back to Asgard in Ragnarok helping save his people from Hela.

So how Loki deals with his emotions will surely be interesting to see.  Loki stars Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson Sophia Di Martino, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Richard E. Grant. The series is premiering on June 11 on Disney+.