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Resident Evil Village Photo Mode Accidentally Leaks In Gameplay Video

Resident Evil Village
Screen Rant

Resident Evil Village Updates: The latest gameplay footage for Resident Evil Village released by Capcom seemingly confirms the horror title will feature a photograph Mode.

The most recent Resident Evil Village gameplay trailer seemingly confirmed the upcoming horror title will boast a photograph Mode. Photo Mode grew into quite the phenomenon throughout the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console generation.

This shift occurred in large part thanks to titles from Sony’s first-party studios, especially when the hardware manufacturer baked screenshot options into the DualShock 4.

Despite the changes, only a few horror games have opted to provide Photo Mode its due. The likes of Days Gone put the functionality to good use, sure, but Capcom’s recent Resident Evil entries – remakes included – essentially ignored the hype surrounding computer game photography.

The feature’s absence is understandable, though; what percentage of great photo opportunities happen in Resident Evil’s enclosed spaces? No wants to pause and twiddle contrast, light settings, and depth of field when Nemesis is hot on Jill Valentine’s heels. Or do they?

Resident Evil Village: Leaks In Gameplay Video

Resident Evil Village
Screen Rant

Previous Resident Evil adventures won’t have taken advantage of all that computer game photography on offer, but there’s reason to believe Capcom will provides it a try with RE Village. Said reason comes courtesy of the PS4 Pro gameplay trailer released last week, which at one point includes a button prompt reading, “Skip/Photo Mode.”

As spotted by MP1st, the prompt appears near the very best of the video during Lady Dimitrescu’s call cutscene. Presumably, hitting the “Options” button on DualShock 4 allows players to either skip the cutscene or pause for a couple of snapshots.

The subsequent screenshot features the button prompt at the bottom-right corner of the screen.
The timing of the Photo Mode prompt suggests that unlike the mode’s use in other games, players are becoming to be ready to take screenshots during cutscenes.

As of now, though, this is often mere speculation since Capcom has yet to formally confirm the mode’s existence. It, thus, seems as if such a reveal may are unintentional.

Capcom could officially announce Photo Mode in the near future at this month’s Resident Evil Showcase event. The publisher teased the digital showcase during a handout a few weeks ago; however, details a bit like the date and time for the forthcoming showcase presently remain under lock and key.