Cyberpunk 2077 Fixes Protagonist’s Infamous Sleeping Pose

Cyberpunk 2077 Updates: Cyberpunk 2077’s new update covers the way V sleeps by correcting the infamous sleeping posture so that the character can sleep like a normal human.

CD Projekt Red fixes the clumsy sleep problem in Cyberpunk 2077 in the latest update. Initially, the game was full of bugs and glitches, and many players did not like it. Issues players encounter with the game despite delays in fixes and updates caused by hackers.

Version 1.2 will fix more than 500 errors, and the latest update released today solves a problem that many gamers have been complaining about since the release of “Cyberpunk 2077”.

There has been a lot of good news about Cyberpunk 2077’s development after its launch as CD Projekt releases Red Patch after patch to try to fix a game that was broken at launch. like game-destroying bugs and story issues, but one of those issues has messed up players since launch.

V, the protagonist of the game, doesn’t sleep like a normal person. The character lies horizontally on the bed, not vertically, with his head resting on a pillow. The absurd sleeping posture confuses many players. Although this is a minor problem, it still requires immersion in the game.

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Screen Rant

As reported by Game Rant, Cyberpunk 2077’s latest update corrects the awful sleeping position and eventually programs V to sleep with his head on the pillow. The problems are solved, but players will have to go on a treasure hunt to find them.

However, not everyone will be satisfied with each update, and some gamers are frustrated that the biggest mistake is not given priority before V’s small sleeping position issue.

Sure, mods can fix a lot, like how fast traveling works in cyberpunk. 2077, but not everyone wants to add mods to their game, should the team at CD Projekt Red fix the frustrating bugs and this little problem may not have been the most important for them.

Regardless of how players feel, the patch shows some promising work the developers have put into the game, and constantly trying to turn the title into something players have dreamed of for years. Although many patches are still in development, even a few months later, “Cyberpunk 2077” can be implemented. At least as long as V can sleep soundly, not like a complete madman.

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