Is Final Fantasy 8 Actually Good On Mobile

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered Updates: Final Fantasy 8 Remastered has now arrived on iOS and Android smartphones, after years of waiting. Here’s what you need to know about playing Final Fantasy 8 on your mobile device.

Although other games in the lengthy JRPG franchise, such as Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy IX, have received more attention over time, Final Fantasy 8 remains a significant and popular inclusion in the sequence. FF8 is a more persona drama than previous episodes, with Squall as the main protagonist.

The storyline encompassed decades and took place in various time spans. In 2019, FF8 Remastered was launched on Switch and other networks, and Final Fantasy 8 was transferred from the PC version to the smartphone.

This entails high-definition character depictions, improved graphics, and a slew of other quality-of-life enhancements. Although FF8 has been surpassed by the games that came before and after it, it still has a sizable fan base.

As such, Square Enix’s surprising announcement that Final Fantasy 8 Remastered is now available on smartphones in the Google Play and App Store is sure to please fans who feel the title hasn’t had the love and support it warrants.

Final Fantasy 8 Remastered Difference

Screen Rant

The way the controls work in the smartphone edition of the game is the most important difference. Mostly on the touch-screen, there are buttons, and sometimes even triggers like R1 and L1 are in their proper places at the end. It might sound weird to people who are used to gaming on consoles or computers.

Fans who have experienced other Final Fantasy mobile games will note that the functions are very familiar. In the end, this will determine how well Final Fantasy 8 does on mobile. People who enjoy JRPG mobile ports will enjoy it, and those who do not enjoy mobile ports will definitely not.

Cloud saves and controller support isn’t available right now, so they’ll be in a potential update. If you want to get Final Fantasy 8 on your computer, now is the perfect time to do so.

The game is now $16.99, but after April 4th, the price will climb to $20.99. As a result, there’s a strong desire to get the game when it’s still fresh. Fans of Final Fantasy 8 and smartphone games should be delighted with Square Enix’s new port.

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