The Witcher Season 2: Kaer Morhen Explained (& What It Means For Ciri)

The Witcher Season 2 Update: The Witcher Stage 2 will bring visitors to Kaer Morhen, a very unique location in Geralt’s and Ciri’s tales – and this is why. The Witcher made his debut at Netflix in December 2019 on the basis of the book series by Andrzej Sapkowski, so well-received by critics and audiences that it was probably the greatest success of the streaming giant.  Netflix was aware of The Witcher books and video games’ growth and popularity and had revived their series for a second season before the season was even over. 

Netflix’s The Witcher treated the character of Sapkowski differently from that of the original material and instead of just adopting the title witcher, he concentrated on three people in positions and points of time, whose trajectories converged at the end of this season.

The Witcher Season 2: Update

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These characters are Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill), an improved “Witcher” monster jacket, Yennefer of Vengerberg, a formidable sorceress with a tragic history, and the Crown Princess of Cintra, Ciri (Freya Allan). Geralt and Ciri are tied to the rule of surprise, and at the end of the season I they inevitably found each other, and the next season takes place in The Witcher’s World, they reach a very interesting place: Kaer Morhen.

Kaer Morhen was an ancient garden where the witchers were taught in the Wolf School. The Witchers Trail, which young witches call “The Killer,” is only reachable from this castle because it is a very dangerous path where some witches are dead.

It was targeted by a wild band led by magicians and priests who saw witches as abominations and murdered the majority of the teachers and school students, known as the “Kaer Morhen Sacking,” which was described in season 1.Vesemir (played as Kim Bodnia) who later met Vienna, a magician who gave her kid, Geralt, a training course as a witch, was one of the few survivors of this massacre.

The last two witch-sets were to appear at The Witcher Season 2 in Kaer Morhen, then, teaching witches like Vesemir, Geralt, Eskel (Basil Eidenbenz), and Lambert (Paul Bullion).

Set images, as well as the inclusion of Eskel and Lambert, both point to Geralt and Ciri’s arrival in Kaer Morhen in season 2, which will now also play a crucial part in Ciri’s arc. In the novels, Geralt brought Ciri to Kaer Morhen to be taught, with Vesemir teaching her about monsters and herbs, Lambert and Eskel teaching her about war, and Con (Yasen Atour) teaching her sword combat.

Ciri also joined the trance in the village of Kaer Morhen after mistakenly having drunk white Seagull (the drink of alcohol from witches) and expected the deaths of some of the witches she was acquainted with. Although she was educated in legendary fortress Kaer Morhen by Vesemir, Geralt, Lambert, Eskel, and Coën, Ciri is not a witcher because she did not pass through all the mutations in the same phase, hence she is only called a trainee and an associate of Wolf school.

Therefore, Kaer Morhen is an important location not only for Geralt but also for Ciri, and it became necessary for this series to take audiences to the fortress at the time of Vesemir, Eskel, Lambert, and Coën’s arrivals at The Witcher Season 2. It is visible how long they will live there and whether or not the series will discuss the history of Kaer Morhen, but what will be really fascinating is Ciri’s schooling in various disciplines.

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