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Hunter X Hunter: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Canary

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter is a classic anime series that builds on the charm of its main characters by changing their position regularly. No one storyline is like the other with the adventures of Gon and Killua.

The two lead characters have to form ties with secondary and tertiary characters such as the Canary in each arc and setting. Fan favorites, including Gon and Killua, are actually celebrated enough. This collection focuses on Canary, to reveal details known only to megafans of Hunter X Hunter.

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Hunter X Hunter Season 7

  1. When Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio encounter Canary for the first time and tell the story of the success of the guards against a previous group of intruders. A professional hunter and 100 goons were included in the warning story. Canary beat the whole team and protects the Zoldycks, as is her job title, from unwelcome intruders. At the age of only 10, Canary captured and won the whole group of grown men. When Gon is ever left behind, the role of the strong protagonist can still be performed by Canary.
  2. At the beginning of the Zoldyck family Arc, as Canary is confronted with Killua’s allies, it is very obvious that it has a greater influence than both Gon and Killua. Yet, as her life is in the care of Killua’s mother, Canary continues to fight for Killua and his mates. In the Canary Islands, Killua has a good friend and a strong ally. He’d be smart in the future to leave it near.
  3. While anime fans had only a few occasions to watch Meteor City, it is obvious that for Hunter X Hunter’s story, the home of Phantom Troupe is significant. The Zoldycks have adopted Meteor City Canary. The Zoldycks have. Maybe her time in the lawless nation will justify her unbelievable talent and strength. Do fans suppose that anyone who spends time in Meteor City is strengthened by the survival effort?
  4. Due to her enigmatic history, the Public Databases do not provide details about Canary. Even those with access to the Hunter web website will find something helpful about the Canary Islands difficult to find. Maybe that is why the Zoldycks are first recruiting Meteor City.
  5. No one from the core cast of Hunter X Hunter knew the strength of aura and Nen as he introduces Canary. It is not clear if Canary knew Nen at the moment, but when she appears in the final arc of the anime series canary uses zen to show that she hasn’t been behind Killua and Gon’s affinity for the aura power. Hopefully, upcoming chapters of manga will show what the Nen can be. Will the bodyguard be an emitter or maybe the Zoldyck’s have a transmuter?

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