Spider-Man & Doctor Strange React To WandaVision In Funny TikTok Video

Spider-Man & Doctor Strange Updates: Marvel heroes reaction to the TikTok video Tiktok video. The television series Wanda vision was premiered on Disney plus which had a great impact on the viewers.

However, the final episode of Wanda’s vision was premiered on March 5. It brings up a successful ending which provides a way to Doctor strange 2.

Along with the final episode of Wanda’s vision, a hilarious drama has been unfolding in TikTok. A TikTok video has been posted by MCU tweets.

While the ant-man tweets from “STAN CAP”. Despite the fact the Avengers likely aren’t on Twitter, it’s impressive how in-character each of their responses is.

The show Wanda’s vision is mainly based on the site sitcom series. Many Marvel fans have expected the appearance of Doctor strange in the Wanda vision series but it ended up with a disappointment to the Marvel fans as there are no traces of doctor strange in the series. But it directly provides the way for Doctor strange 2.

The video provides a way to envision MCU characters and their reactions to the events of Wanda’s vision. This TikTok video also imagines spider-man, doctor strange, and other Marvel cinematic universe heroes discussing Wanda’s vision.

People started thinking creatively and Marvel fans have created countless videos, memes about the show. In precise, the television series Wanda vision has brought up many creative responses among the audience in various ways that made promotions to watch the series.

These videos show the fan theories and also the hidden details that connect to the Marvel cinematic universe and TikTokers include whatnot. Dancing.

Spider-Man & Doctor Strange Response

Screen Rant

A great response for “Agatha all along”- The Munster’s theme song for the main antagonist, Agatha Harkness.

Wanda’s vision focused on Wand’s transformation into scarlet which sets her a role in doctor strange in the multiverse of madness. Wanda’s vision is the show with the most engaged audience. It was a highly anticipated TV series from Marvel studios- Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster brand.

And when it comes to TikTok, the hashtag #wandavision alone generated more than 310000 videos and caught 2.4billion views since January.

Wanda’s vision has got creative responses from the viewers.

These clips, therefore, act as advertisements for Wanda’s vision and promotes that is valuable to stream in Disney plus.

It keeps the audience engaged about the next upcoming marvel seasons.

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