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MCU: Most Popular Avengers Actors, Ranked By Instagram Followers

Popular Avengers Actors
Screen Rant

Avengers Actors: The Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU) has been doing many movies for many years, and it has developed into a worldwide occurrence, with some of its movies breaking all the records of Box-office and the characters developed by the MCU became the icons of the pop culture.

As of now, Marvel became that the biggest names of Hollywood are waiting to work with the MCU as Christian Bale joining the MCU.

However, the movies made by Marvel Cinematic Universe helped to build the career for the actors who are part of their movies, as for example Chris Evans and Ton Holland being introduced to found their next level of fame because of their acting skills which they played by involving into them.

As the superheroes of Avengers are well-liked by the audience on the screen, this continues on the off-screen by following their favorite actors or actress on their social media accounts.

Some of them are not active on social media like Scarlett Johansson and Paul Rudd, which of the heroes all most popular on social media by dominating with the followers on Instagram. The below information of the Instagram followers is on the date 03/02/2021.

Let’s have a Look at Most Popular Avengers Actors

  1. Karen Gillan(7.3 million followers)

Popular Avengers Actors
Screen Rant

The character played by Karen Gillan is Nebula, who can be a villain, at the end she changes and helps the Avengers to get over Thanos by telling them about the weakness of him. 

 Her Instagram feed is a huge treat for entertainment, with funny videos, behind-the-scenes images, and very frequent updates for her followers. It’s no big surprise, thus, that she’s managed to grow up a lot of followers.

  1. Chris Evans(8.9 million followers) Avengers Actors

Popular Avengers Actors
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Taking into consideration that Chris Evans performs one of the larger parts of the MCU as Captain America, it’s very shocking that he doesn’t have more fans than he does. However, he only created his account in2020, which allows his account much newer than almost all of his co-stars.

His Instagram posts are mostly with his pet dog and some other content that is enjoyable for everyone. Although is not active and doesn’t post like other celebrities his content makes someone feel good.

  1. Chadwick Boseman (11 million followers)

Popular Avengers Actors
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Chadwick Boseman’s death is one that stunned the Marvel Cinematic Universe but left behind an impressive legacy of work, both inside and outside the MCU. His job as Black Panther is one of the many roles he’s known for, and it’s one he’s managed to make iconic.

The reality that he has 11 million followers on Instagram shows the love that the universe has for Chadwick and his work as both an actor and a human being. He also shared the paintings of fans and spoke about the passionate projects that he clearly cared about, looking to use his influence for the public good.

  1. Jeremy Renner(15.1 million followers)

Popular Avengers Actors
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As he is well known for his character in the movie Mission Impossible Franchise, he plays the character of Hawkeye for MCU, there is no question about his following.

His Instagram is a cool account to track that really covers all the bases. There are gym clips, some wonderful family memories, as well as set pictures and funny videos of him exercising and playing with his bow and arrow.

  1. Mark Ruffalo(19.2 million followers)

Popular Avengers Actors
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He is one of the finest actors and a successful actor for MCU, he feels the audience that there will be no other person to justify the character of Hulk. Yet he is still someone who uses his account for the public good.

Mark Ruffalo also shares projects he invests in, and it’s always nice to see a celebrity do so because they get an opportunity to impact a lot of viewers on something that will help positive causes.

  1. Chris Pratt(30 million followers)

Popular Avengers Actors
Deseret News

Chris Pratt was a well-known performer before joining the MCU as Star-Lord due to his work on Parks & Recreation, but joining the Marvel universe only enhanced that, particularly because his character was so full of charisma. The fact that he was interested in Jurassic World movies further expanded his influence on others.


  1. Tom Holland(41.8 million followers)

Tom Holland

Tom Holland may be one of the youngest actors in the MCU, but he’s definitely one of the most famous if his Instagram following is anything to go by. The fact that he is young is undoubtedly a major explanation for this since people of his generation and younger age are the main demographics of the social media site.

Tom Holland still comes off as a really sweet and charming guy, and that’s obvious on his Instagram as well. He’s a regular blogger that lets him keep in touch with his followers, always posting photos on the set or with his family, and seeing that his career is only starting, his numbers are likely to climb.

  1. Chris Hemsworth(47.1 million followers)

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram account is also one of the most popular feeds to watch. He’s showing a lot of great photographs of his job and family life, but also very informative videos of how he remains in such great shape.

They’re insightful and allow people to hopefully learn to try and get into the kind of physical shape they’re in if someone dares to try to imitate them.

  1. Robert Downer Jr. (48.5 million followers)

Popular Avengers Actors
Times of India

Robert Downey, Jr. really put a huge amount of his own charisma into Tony Stark, which is a huge reason why so many people are following him.

His channel is really entertaining and definitely caters to any Marvel followers, as he also posted behind-the-scenes videos and photos of him with his fellow Avengers.

  1. Vin Diesel (68.7 million followers)

Popular Avengers Actors

Groot is a friendly character in the MCU and has proved to be really valuable to Disney. The truth is, however, that Vin Diesel’s fame in social media really stems from his other big movie franchise, Fast & Furious.

It’s one of the best franchises of all time and one of the few that can deal with MCU’s box office records, which is why Vin Diesel has such a fantastic track record.