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Tom Hiddleston Update: Loki is a Disney+ original series that picks up where Avengers: Endgame leaves off. The show is still shrouded in mystery, but a teaser trailer has revealed some information. After escaping SHIELD captivity, Loki appears to be planning some sort of time travel/multiverse adventure for the rest of the show’s run. In one scene from the teaser, he appears to be stepping into the shoes of infamous thief DB Cooper, who is seen jumping out of a plane.

Marvel is embracing the concept of a multiverse, in which alternate timelines and histories are mixed together. This was seen in Avengers: Endgame, and it’s likely to appear in a number of upcoming Marvel films. It appears that Loki will also take part in this sandbox.

When Hiddleston was cast as Loki in 2011’s Thor, he was largely unknown. Since then, he’s landed a slew of other high-profile roles. He played the lead in the film Kong: Skull Island and the AMC drama The Night Manager. However, it’s undeniable that his time in the MCU has provided him with his most iconic role. Hiddleston has cemented his place as one of the most notable figures in the entire cinematic universe.

Tom Hiddleston: Update

He not only played a significant role in the Thor films, but he was also the antagonist in the groundbreaking superhero team-up film The Avengers, released in 2012. Although it’s difficult to imagine anyone else playing Loki, Marvel did look into other possibilities. According to Screen Rant, Josh Hartnett was considered for the role on one occasion. While Hartnett is a talented actor who could have done a lot with the part, Hiddleston really brought it to life with his performance.

The show is one of the most eagerly anticipated new franchises to emerge from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans are eagerly anticipating Hiddleston’s return to the role. During a Reddit thread about Hiddleston’s performance, one fan said that he couldn’t imagine anyone else in the role: “Tom definitely makes the character.” I don’t think anyone else could play him. Loki is his devilish grin.”

Marvel has done an incredible job casting its roles, but Hiddleston stands out even among a sea of talented actors. It’s impossible to imagine anyone else in this universe (except perhaps Robert Downey, Jr.) playing this role other than Hiddleston. He captures the character’s devious, devilish nature as well as the fun-loving trickster’s attitude. He’s the villain that audiences despise to the point where, despite his previous villainy, his death in Avengers: Infinity War was a legitimately sad moment.

What role will Hiddleston play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the future? He knows there will be at least one season of Loki, though a second season has yet to be confirmed. However, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him pop up in one of the MCU films or other streaming series. The character (and actor) is well-known enough to merit further appearances in other projects.

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