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Debra Jo Rupp’s Great-Nephew Convinced Her to Be in WandaVision


WandaVision Updates: Debra is deafeningly Jo Rupp reveals how her great-nephew persuaded her to join WandaVision in a blunt way. Rupp, a veteran actress, and comedian have a long experience with the sitcoms that influenced the MCU.

Rupp is better known for her leading role as Kitty Forman on The 70’s Episode, as well as her recurring role as Alice Knight-Buffay on Friends. Mrs. Hart is played by Rupp, who is part of WandaVision’s outstanding cast.

The jovial and thoughtful wife of Fred Melamed’s more reserved Mr. Hart, the pair arguably stole the show during a pivotal scene in the premiere episode. Rupp revealed in a recent interview that she wasn’t always positive about appearing on the Disney+ service.

WandaVision Debra Jo Rupp Explained 

Rupp explained how she came to work for WandaVision in an interview. The actress clarified that she had previously mentioned Matt Shakman, who directed all of the MCU episodes, but that she also credited her great-nephew.

He had a very straightforward way of persuading her, much like Rupp. “I received a call from a producer who recognized who I was — I’ve done a lot of theatres.” I’m a theatre guy who likes to play in front of a live crowd. I buy a lot of energy from an audience, and I had just finished working at [director Matt Shakman’s] Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles.



So he recognized me from that and called, saying, “I have an invitation.” Then he tried to describe it to me, and I told him that I didn’t understand a word he said. “Aunt Debbie, if you don’t take this task, I won’t be able to talk to you again,” my great-nephew said. So all came together, and man, oh man, am I glad I did.”

Rupp’s comments reflect Marvel’s huge fan base, which is clear considering the great-insistence, nephew’s but they also highlight the level of consideration that went into bringing WandaVision together.

Shakman, who has directed everything from It’s Always Sunshine in Philadelphia to Game of Thrones, approached Rupp with the knowledge of what she might bring back to the performance. Mrs. Hart’s time at the dinner table with Wanda and Vision was one of the highlight moments in the first episodes, so the order paid off.

When Mr. Hart chokes, it is originally played for laughs; however, the scene soon takes a sinister turn that has been likened to David Lynch’s addition in terms of fusing the mundane with the disturbing. Rupp sells it all, transforming a minor role into something much more unforgettable.

The same can be said for the rest of WandaVision so far. Kathryn Hahn’s casting as Agnes has been lauded, while Emma Caulfield Ford’s performance is like a meaner, more measured version of Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

These instances show that Marvel is putting a lot of effort into even their ensemble, as more and more casting updates for the MCU are recorded all the time. At the end of the day, it’s to their advantage that the franchise wants to extend its scope beyond a handful of films per year.

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