How Tom Hiddleston Helped Loki Co-Star Owen Wilson Prepare For His Role

Tom Hiddleston: Sometimes it feels like the MCU has snatched so many actors that it’s becoming a shorter list of names that haven’t yet shown up in a project.

Owen Wilson was one of those names until he was picked to play Mobius M. Mobius in Loki, but because of his acting skills and lots of experience, comic book movies were still a box he hadn’t picked up on his resume. So, as you can imagine, he might have needed some help, and co-star Tom Hiddleston was willing to step in.

Owen Wilson’s role in Loki is characterized as “meaty,” so it’s a good thing that Tom Hiddleston was interested to speak to the actor. Wilson talked to SiriusXM about appearing on the show and described how Hiddleston managed to help him in filming:

What Tom Hiddleston Shared?

“Actually, Tom Hiddleston-who of duration performs Loki, he’s kind of, or we’re kind of, they’re almost like the Loki lecturers. And so, for a couple of days, he’s been walking me through everything and the whole story and displaying me the clips from the other movies and how it’s all fed into this story. So it was like Tom telling me about it and trying to tell me about his character.”

Personally, I’m curious about how much Owen Wilson needed to know. It’s worth mentioning that Loki is going to follow a unique version of the character we’ve come to know and love, meaning that Loki only witnessed the events of Thor and The Avengers before he flees to Avengers: Endgame.

The character may not have witnessed all the incidents that made him into an anti-hero of sorts, but it will definitely be fascinating to see how this Loki evolves in the season.

With that being said, Mobius is working for the Time Variance Authority, but it’s true that he might know all the iterations of Loki, even the God of Mischief show, may not be sure of that. Maybe that’s why Wilson wanted every bit of information he could get from Tom Hiddleston, particularly one scene in Loki:

“And even in the way he often presented his character, it was helpful to me, since my character,

Mobius in Loki was sort of interviewing him at some stage. So, it sort of worked that way.”

In Marvel Comics, Mobius is part of an organization that oversees the general wellbeing of the multiverse, but beyond that, he is a glorified office worker.

So while the Marvel universe can get pretty wild and out there with the super-powers and so forth, it seems like Owen Wilson will be able to play this the same way he performed some of his most famous roles.

It seems like Tom Hiddleston was a better resource to the MCU, and Wilson didn’t feel so out of his depth to venture into this environment for the first time.

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