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WandaVision Episode 10 Agatha’s Magical Gateway Explained

WandaVision Episode 10

WandaVision Episode 10 Updates: Agatha Harkness is seen luring into her basement which turns out to be a magical gateway in the 7th episode of the WandaVision. This can turn the stories of MCU’s to take a greater turn.

This magical gateway is decorated with arcane bric-a-brac, also with some interesting items which catch the attention of the camera for a moment.

This is doubted to be the power of Agatha and other stone archways taking her to a central hub with different eye-catching locations and dimensions.

Agatha’s Magical Gateway architecture and more

The fantastic hallway taking Agatha to the main chamber, also the chamber is light-hearted and to say aggressively suburban feel of the Westview.

When Wanda enters the room, we can say the room comes to end outside of her Hex or it is not tethered to it. Small amounts of natural lights lit up the basement from ceiling grates in the main chamber.

There are etching on the walls in the chamber which would suggest a devilish or infernal patron which theories suggest to be Mephisto. In evidence of Doctor Strange, these entities are known as imbuing sorcerers.

WandaVision Episode 10: Agatha Magic Book

WandaVision Episode 10

One of the things which come to the notice in the Agatha gateway is the magic book which is marked with a strange sigil that has not reflected anywhere in the chamber. Anything which comes to the screen in the dark gets the focus of the audience, the book is different anyway as it has strange energy around it.

The important thing is the sigil on the book which resembles the Dormammu symbol but not completely the same. Far more, the chamber allows access to many other dimensions and other different planes.

If we go into detail about the symbol it resembles two old-fashioned keys which meet in the middle. With this, there is a possibility that it has a connection with the multiverse and how this book allows our star to traverse it.

Non-human Skulls and Curious

The other thing highlights in Agatha’s gateway is an illuminated self, a glass cabinet that appears to be a skulls line, and other bones that intensify with a red light. Although the screens never got highly focused on them they still exist with predictable rough shapes.

It is predicted that these skulls are of any animal or even an alien, we can find MCU is focusing on humans adjacent and leading to a completely different meaning of non-human skulls. It is observed that the glow is magical but this is not the color of Agatha.

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