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WandaVision: What Next for White Vision in The MCU


WandaVision Updates: WandaCision’s final reacts as a definitive ending to the story of Scarlet Witch and Vision, and also opens the path for a new chapter.

Where can Vision go next in the MCU after WandaVision? Hence Paul Bettany’s Vision debut in Avengers: Age of Ultron, a man of many death. In an act of desperation, Vision requested his girlfriend destruction the Mind Stone in his head before Thanos could be getting his big, purple hands on it.

Though Wanda Maxioff complied, Thanos was able to regain time and kill Vision himself by ripping the stone out. Beset by grief, Wanda fled to the home she and also Vision have planned to share and renew her lover using the Mind Stone Energy infused within her.

Though Wanda’s Vision was only initially unaware that anything is amiss, he immediately becomes curious and Wanda Vision is as much Vision’s tale of Self-discovery as it is Wanda’s tale of moving on. To complicate issues, Wanda Vision put forth a counterpart in the form of White Vision.

Generated by SWORD and Director Hayward, this replica is built from Vision’s recovered body parts and brought to life by Wanda’s Chaos Magic.

The two Visions do war on WandaVision’s final episode, and the Westview neighborhood view watch member is able to conquer SWORD’s weapon with a simple paradox. Vision unlocks the memories of White Vision and files off into the unknown.

WandaVision: MCU’s White Vision


The created Vision by Wanda is most certainly dead. Without the Hex, not even the Scarlet Witch can sustain her resurrected soul mate, and after such an emotional farewell, it makes little sense for this Vision to ever come back. White Vision, however, is a completely different story entirely.

Although the synthezoid was ultimately a servant to SWORD, fighting against the other Vision brought out a degree of the sentence. When White Vision’s memories have been restored, it’s quite fine, it’s as if the Vision created by Wanda passes over his experiences, feelings, and characteristics to the new body.

If there could be any doubt, White Vision’s, I am Vision”, Line confirms that Paul Bettany’s time in the MCU is very far away from over.

But though, exactly does this new Vision compare to the original? In terms of appearance, White Vision should be able to design at will, meaning the traditional beetroot paint job could be coming back into fashion. Whether Vision could share the same personality and characteristics as his counterpart, though, is far more complicated.

The new Vision’s power level also might have changed compared to the pre-Thanos years. White Vision has been beating his opponent in Westview but also was merely battling a facsimile created by Wanda—not the complete power Vision who fought alongside the Avengers.

The WandaVision fight suggests that Vision is still a powerful made of Vibranium, which is able to shoot lasers, fly and phase through matter-but he is not fueled by an Infinity Stone. Even if Wanda’s Vision able to pass the Mind Stone’s energy into White Vision when feeling the touch his forehead, he had still pack less of a punch than the original, who was hooked up to an Infinity Stone 24/7.

It looks clear that Vision could be returning in the MCU, but where that happens is not quite so obvious. A potential Wanda Vision season 2 could be the most real reentry point, but with Wanda due to feature in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Paul Bettany might also look into the New York Sanctum in 2022.

Armor Wars offers another possibility. Not only will the Disney+ series deals with Tony Stark’s legacy, but Vision is the product of  Stark’s wish to revolve a suit of armor around the world.


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