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To All The Boys 3: How Lana Condor Feels About Lara Jean’s Ending In Netflix

To All The Boys 3

To All The Boys 3 Updates: Directed by Michael Fimognari, with the production of Matt Kaplan, All the Boys had achieved a greater place in the hearts of the audience.

With the main stars including Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, this show of Netflix was successful to complete its journey to the 3 seasons. The release of the first season was firstly in the year 2018 with the name To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, then the series continued for the 3 seasons.

The third instalment of this all-time fan-favorite film is out on 12th of February this year with the name All The Boys: Always and Forever.

Note: the content below contains the spoilers of the Netflix’s show, All The Boys: Always and Forever. So read it at your own risk.

To All The Boys 3: What Lana Condor Shared?

In the last week, the fans of All The Boys have said goodbye to Lara Jean, the character of Lana Condor after the sweet trilogy which follows the teen’s leading to the love resembling her high school. Her love life relation with Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo’s character) goes somewhere hopeless.

To All The Boys 3

We can say, this when they went on the different ways for the colleges to cross the countries and part from each other. Both of them pledges to send love letters to each other as they were physically parting from each other.

This couple has always made a plan to share their college life in the same college, but Lara Jean was not able to get admission int the one of the admirable Stanford university as that of Kavinsky.

In result, Lara Jean chooses to get into some school in neighborhood of Northern California to her boyfriend. This decision was taken by her before her deciding to go to NYU then after falling in love with the offering of the campus.

With the end of this movie sequel Lana Condor, comments about the Lara Jean and her story. She says that Lara Jean has improved herself, and there was a greater character development.

She was a shy character who doesn’t want to share her feeling with anyone. In the end of the movie we can see her in the big city with no one around. In this movie, there was a great amount of Love. According to Condor it was important for her to develop the Jean’s character to be a women. She wants the character to occupy her complete space and be ready for the world.

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