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Battlefield 6 Eyeing Holiday Release According to Earnings Call

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Battlefield 6: According to EA’s most recent earnings call, Battlefield 6 has a targeted release date sometime between October and December of this year. The possible arrival of the awaited Battlefield 6 was revealed during the EA(Electronic Arts) earnings call. The upcoming installment of the game is said to be the modern console generation after the latest entry of Battlefield 5 in the year 2018.

Rumors about the games official announcement have been circulating for a while on when Battlefield 6 be launched and made available to the fans, it was speculated that in May some details may come forward and so it has, It appears that after the property officials Twitter account confirmed that the announcement will be made at some point in June. Besides that, there are other revelations such as leaks of the reveal trailer’s audio, availability on the console, and the anticipated release date for the next installment of Battlefield.

Battlefield 6 Eyeing Holiday Release According to Earnings Call

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According to the reports made by IGN, EA the game developer is eyeing a launch date for Battlefield 6 between October and December of 2021, Four separate studios are reportedly collaborating towards Battlefield 6 which will be made available for PC as well as both current and previous-gen consoles. A holiday release would make a lot of financial sense for a highly anticipated game like Battlefield 6, EA is not working on any other major projects and with more gamers having access to consoles compared to previous seasons this will be a chance to seize the opportunity and capitalize by EA game developers.

It has to be said when it comes to first-person shooting gaming titles Call of Duty has a clear edge and has created a standard of its own, also being the most popular amongst other first-person shooting games, however, it can be argued that Battlefield has made inroads towards that crown and are the biggest in terms of the franchise, Battlefield does share similar qualities that of Call of Duty and the month of October till December will be an existing period of time for the fans of these games. As of yet, there has been no official announcement on their next installment by either of the game developers, But with the trend of Call of Duty to release AAA title every year, there is a good chance that the ultimate showdown is coming this holiday season. It will be a tough task for Battlefield 6 to compete in a showdown but with 4 studious workings in collaboration will make this game a strong contender against whatever may come next from Call of Duty.

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