Hunter X Hunter: 10 Heroes Who Work Better As Villains

Hunter X Hunter Updates: There’s a realm in the story where a lot of the so-called “heroes” might potentially act as classic villains.

Morality is not a black-and-white topic in the wonderful universe of Hunter x Hunter. This project centers on a collective of people with ambitions and what they should do to fulfill those aspirations. Some of them are categorized by what they desire; others are described by how they get what they want.

In any case, the divisions within this series are not so straightforward that it is easy to conclude that the Ghost Troupe is ultimately bad because the Hunter Association has issues of its own.

With this moral complexity in the air, there is this other realm of the plot where a lot of the so-called “heroes” might actually act as classical villains.


Kurapika has a classic vengeance tale inside the present understanding. Like Sasuke Uchiha or Eren Yeager, Kurapika clearly wants to avenge his loved ones and has concentrated all his energy on the Phantom Troupe.

As sweet as it seems at first, he took a very dark path to do so, going as far as to alienate his mates and even join the mafia.

But from the viewpoint of the Phantom Troupe, they see an implacable murderer who will stop at nothing to split up and eliminate their kin.

Pushing the scales a little, Kurapika might become a senseless, soulless assassin who would really stop at nothing to kill the Troupe and anyone who happened to get in his path.


Although Razor is a friend of Ging’s and works as a kind of prisoner guard to Greed Island, one can never forget that Razor himself was once a thief.

While the precise facts of his criminal nature have yet to be seen, one would imagine him to be behind some pretty horrific things, considering how powerful he is and how cold he is willing to kill some of his team members who go off course.

Palm Siberia

Just having to look at Palm Siberia can make any lengthy shone fan think of a classic, mid-tier fighter with a villain party. Her look is weird and distinct, but not as detailed as the main attraction.

Her character is also wild enough to respond appropriately with a mid-level main character fascinating yet pressing, given how brutal she can be.

Alluka Zoldyck

The world of Hunter x Hunter is just grateful that Alluka just doesn’t happen to be evil. She just happens to be like that. As a member of the Zoldyck Family who has been kept away from human contact for a long period of time, Alluka could have been a prime example of a good child being pushed to the edge because of a troubled upbringing.

Killua Zoldyck

It’s strange that Killua Zoldyck hasn’t gone down the same road as Sasuke Uchiha. Given his troubled upbringing and the different mind games his family plays on him, one would have thought that there would be at least one arc in which Killua would just give in to his roots and go ballistic to some people.

Hunter X Hunter: Silva Zoldyck

Silva Zoldyck is the chief of the table of a whole family of assassins, including a possessive eldest son, a spoiled otaku who uses gadgets to kill people, and a woman who is proud of every act of malice. With a family as colorful as that, how is it that the leader really is the calmest and sensible of the group?

Besides Cheetu, fans haven’t seen Silva actually killing anyone in the series or taking part in any of the torture of frustration that the rest of the Zoldycks seem to revel in.

While this makes for an awesome twist, Silva Zoldyck could really be the mafia boss of this series, looking to maintain the world’s superiority of his family with an iron fist.

Biscuit Krueger

Biscuit Krueger doesn’t inherently have the make-up of conquering or killing a kind of villain, but she could earn a fantastic and even unique contribution to the vintage cat-burglar role of villain.

Like the insanely, anime version of Catwoman, Biscuit Krueger could continue her selfish, treasure-hunting ways, but in a much more seditious and primitive way than she had done before.

Isaac Netero

For most of the series, Isaac Netero was seen as the flag bearer of what the Hunter was supposed to be. It wasn’t until the Chimera Ant Arc that the fans would see even less of Master Roshi in it.

Netero only cared about taking on the challenging situations he could face. When he found out he wasn’t able to defeat Meruem, he relished in the fact that he knew he could still hit Meruem’s card with a dirty bomb. The face he tends to make before he dies would be enough to make us think that Netero has already done some terrible things in this series.

Ging Freecss

For many, Ging Freecss is already a villain if not, at least, an antagonist, he’s consistently ranked high on people’s personal lists of the most horrible anime dads, and his presence around certain Hunters is enough to get a hint that he’s far from the nicest guy at a party. It might be because of his tactless nature.

Gon Freecss

Gon Freecss has already made a brilliant, brilliant protagonist. In his heroic tenure, however, he has shown a lot of signs of instability.

He seems all right to see people get killed around him, he didn’t beat his eye when he got his arm ripped off by Genthru, and he had a complete meltdown during the Chimera Ant Arc. Some of the people in the series even seem happy that he’s just a curious kid.

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