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Walker: The death of Emily could be connected to her passion for Photography


Walker Updates: Emily wife of Walker shows more passion towards her photography, she loves to pictures everywhere it is her hobby. The video which is shot last night might show that in Emily’s death they both have played a role.

An assumption of Walker is a huge part, like other many dramas of CW which came before it, is the foreboding and heartbroken widower struggling more for his loss and feeling guilty over the death of his wife Emily, even the video from the last night which contains Emily’s death does not seem to add up.

The incident that happened last night still rolling in the mind of Jared Padalecki’s Cordell Walker. However, all that has been clearly seen in the pilot is one vivid flashback.

Now, with Border Control Beacon video causing Walker and others to think that something was going wrong about the last night when Emily was dead, and the show is creating some interesting suspense’s about that horrible night of Emily’s death.

Walker: How Emily Died?

Emily has been described as a beautiful loving wife and a caring mother according to the various flashbacks. Apparently, Emily was so loyal towards the friends considering how well the family of Walker and Geri responded whenever her name is listed, and Emily was also compassionate who gave her a great time to support each and every one.


Emily was also called a rebel because of her character. Although present now she is not there in the life of Walker, even after her passing her presence appears to affect Walker, a shocking incident changed him dramatically and it is the rebellious spirit that might be the key to the plot going forward.

The CW’s Walker is now about to understand the basics of the death of Emily Walker. And they started to investigate the death of Emily, when they are doing the investigation many questions have raised more than answers.

One of the questions they get while doing the investigation is, how the man who was admitted and charged with Emily’s death and found just 2 days after the death? There are still more questions raised about Geri, that she saw something on that night and why she is not telling anything to Walker about that.

It all creates a reasonable line for the story about Emily and probably Geri having bumped into someone that should not happen or have seen something that they should not see.

Until long, the Captain and Liam would have to get the Walker into the loop of issues and queries that they have after looking more closely at the strange footage. The major question is that whether or not Walker will appropriately use this latest insight to prevent Cordell Walker from stepping further off the tracks.

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