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Chris Evans & Sebastian Stan’s Friendship Vs Cap & Bucky’s: Which Is Strongest?

Chris Evans

Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan: Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan seem pretty close, but does their relationship go as deep as their counterparts Captain America and Bucky Barnes?

Who has the best relationship Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan or their counterparts in the MCU, Captain America, and Bucky Barnes?

Hailed as one of the most popular duos in the MCU, Captain America and Bucky have starred together in a total of five films, starting with Captain America in 2011: The First Avenger and concluding with Avengers: Endgame in 2019. Their friendship played a crucial plot in the MCU and also influenced “Stucky” – a fandom pairing that implies that their bromance could really be something of a romance.

In the meantime, Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan appear to really like each other when they’re out of their superhero outfits. Making it an epic and long-running storyline is definitely a bonding opportunity, and like all of their MCU co-stars, they reveal a real sense of camaraderie and seem like they love each other’s company off-set.

That said, Evans and Stan are actors, so they might all be a façade. So, which pair is the real target of friendship – the characters or the actors who play them?

Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes’ on-screen relationship dates back to the 1940s when they were only a couple of whippers ready to reach the frontlines of World War II, and Bucky also finds himself protecting Steve’s weedy, pre-super-soldier serum.

Even though Bucky was brainwashed, he still demonstrated his allegiance to Steve when he rescued him from drowning at the end of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

The allegiance was regained when Cap stood by Bucky’s side when he healed of his brainwashing even as it created a divide between him and Tony Stark. Cap and Bucky also have had their own catchphrase—”I’m with you till the end of the line”—which is kind of the cutest thing ever.

Chris Evans & Sebastian Stan fighting Nazis?

Chris Evans

Although Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan haven’t had to fight the Nazis, Tony Stark, or Thanos together, they still seem to have formed a real relationship while looking at the MCU.

They were known to lavish each other with praises during interviews, with Evans calling his co-star “the sweetest human being on the planet” and with Stan saying, “I love Chris, he’s awesome.”

They also endorse each other’s jobs outside the MCU: when Evans made his Broadway breakthrough in the Lobby Hero play, Stan attended his opening night to express his support, and when Evans was forced to cancel the Netflix movie The Devil All The Time due to schedule problems, he proposed that Stan replace him.

There is plenty of evidence to say that Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan pursue their bromance as the cameras stop rolling. However, though there is no question that their love for each other is sincere, Evans and Stan do not have much history and a strong connection between their characters.

That’s why Captain America and Bucky Barnes have a stronger bond – while Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan are both friendship priorities.

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