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The Batman: Jeffrey Wright To Play Bruce Wayne For Audio Story

The Batman

The Batman Updates: It will be developed by Blue Ribbon Content from Warner Bros. and is separate from the recent multi-year deal between Warners Bros., DC, and Spotify to build podcast series created by David Goyer about characters in DC Comics, such as Batman Unburied.

Later in the year, Batman: The Audio Adventures will debut on HBO Max. Per THR, in the multi-episode podcast, Wright will voice the title character.

A host of SNL alums, including McNicholas, Seth Meyers, Melissa Villaseñor, Fred Armisen, Jason Sudeikis, and Kenan Thompson, will join him.

John Leguizamo, Brooke Shields, and Brent Spiner will all be part of the cast, but outside of Wright, it is not yet clear what characters the actors will play from the DC universe.

The Batman: More information about wright:

The Batman

Wright is more known for his romantic roles in Angels in America, which he reprised from the Broadway play, such as Boardwalk Empire, the James Bond franchise starring Daniel Craig, and his Emmy-winning character.

In the HBO science-fiction series Westworld, which has been revived for a fourth season, he currently stars Bernard Lowe. A wonderful turn in the repertoire is Wright headlining a film in the comedy genre and reveals that he is one of the company’s most talented performers.

The voice-over industry and superhero shows are still no strangers to Wright, as he will be playing The Watcher in the forthcoming Marvel animated anthology series What If. There are very few extra details about Batman: The Audio Adventures, aside from the cast list.

Yet a satirical take on the best detective in the world is a considerably different approach to telling the journey of a superhero. Wright’s ability to play a variety of characters, whether by his voice or on-screen, is a fantastic chance to highlight his ample abilities, regardless of the form or theme, and cement his place in the superhero genre.

The casting of Wright gives a riveting take on Batman and listening to what he does about it would be fascinating. It would be amazing to hear this from you. People were eagerly waiting for this and very much excited about this.