Spider-Man 3: How Ned Can Become Hobgoblin

Spider-Man 3 Updates: Some signs point to Ned Leeds (Jacob Batalon) being the Hobgoblin MCU at Spider-Man 3 and here’s how it could happen.

At MCU, Ned has been portrayed so far as a great friend and classmate of Peter Holland’s High School of Peter Parker. On the other hand, a comic book colleague had very different background stories.

Ned, a former journalist and husband of Betty Brant, was once exposed as the villain of Hobgoblin, a prominent figure in Spider-Man’s gallery.

MCU made so many changes to Ned Leeds in Spider-Man: Homecoming that the actor finally used the Hobgoblin costume felt like an unexpected result. However, it no longer looks like such an extension.

Marketing with the Spider-Man 3 virus includes a work of art with Ned and a picture of an orange Hobgoblin cap from the comedy, which may be a joke of what comes to the movie’s character. Also, Jacob Batalon has lost a lot of weight in this role, which has created more speculation about Ned’s equality as Hobgoblin.

Spider-Man 3 Ned As Hobgoblin

There is also the issue of multiverse and how it is made in movies. It has been seen for some time now that the corresponding universes will be in the middle of Spider-Man 3.

Many of the characters tied to the previous Spider-Man franchises are reportedly returning to play their old roles again. Jamie Foxx, Alfred Molina, Tobey Maguire, and many others are expected to return, though not all from the same cinema universities.

It is believed that Marvel will do the job by bringing Sam Raimi’s trilogy and The Amazing Spider-Man movies to the MCU canon by getting them separated from universities in a large multiverse.

The idea that there could be an unequal space available is what makes Ned Leeds used as a Hobgoblin. There are many ways Marvel can use all means to describe the transformation of Ned’s Hobgoblin.

In Marvel Comics, Hobgoblin is directly linked to the legacy of Spider-Man’s arch-enemy, the Green Goblin. The original Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley, found his weapons and his belongings in the secret hiding place of the then-Norman Osborn.

Instead of completely separating the characters and having Hobgoblin make his own weapons, Marvel could pass that link on to Spider-Man 3. He can then put on a new costume and start a crime with Osborn’s Goblin Glider and bombs.

Like Roderick Kingsley, he was able to put his hands in the same formula that increased Osborn’s physical strength and applied it to him. Ned could be driven crazy, which could lead to him becoming a dangerous enemy of his Spider-Man, or anyone. It is also possible that his rival could be another of Peter Holland’s Peter Parker repeaters.

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