Spider-Man 3: Charlie Cox’s Unexpected Schedule Change Stirs Up Cameo Rumors

Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 Updates: With Marvel fans having gotten a rumor of the new and incredible Spiderman movie, we have all held on to our socks tightly in anticipation only for them to be blown after watching the movie.

These rumors also state that the three we will have our long-lasting wish granted and the three Spidermen will share the screen on this new movie, how cool would that be huh.

What raises our hope, even more, is that Alfred Molina has confirmed that he will be coming back as Doctor octopus sometime in the near future and if that’s so then what stopping Marvel from giving the people what they want, but after all, they are still just rumors.

Marvel is known for keeping its storylines a strict secret up until the very end but it seems that the diligent Marvel stalkers or obsessed fans as they would like to be called have noticed little something that could potentially be huge.

Spider-Man 3: Daredevil’s Cameo

Spider-Man 3

The Daredevil actor Charlie Cox recently canceled his visit to a fan convention in Texas and stated that he had to cancel due to a change in film schedule. The actor was kind enough to the people who were waiting for him saying that if they had sent in an item wanting it to be signed by him then he will graciously do so in due time.

Later when checked, his only undertaken projects listed were the TV series ‘Kin’ which has already finished shooting and is in post-production, then which is this secret project he was a part of? We speculate that it has to be the third installation of the Spiderman movies.

In the comics, Daredevil and Spiderman are quite close and have teamed up on several occasions and it would be a great move to highlight that friendship or at least the beginning of it through the new movie.

With the events that occurred after Spidey’s big fight with Mysterio, he is definitely going to need a good lawyer and who is better than the problem-solving night watcher himself and who knows if all goes well then maybe he may even appear alongside Spiderman more than once.