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Magneto Actor Michael Fassbender Reportedly Joining the MCU as a Different Villain


Magneto: Foxverse’s X-Men film franchise failed to be consistent from the start especially with its last two contributions X-Men: Apocalypse and X-Men: Dark Phoenix which eventually became masterpieces and box office but still, had its redemptive qualities and one actor Michael Fassbender impresses his audience with his impressive performances. the wicked Magneto.

While it is unfortunate that his take on the iconic X-Men baddie may not be able to advance to the Marvel Cinematic Universe considering the time difference and all that, a new report suggests Fassbender could still join the multi-billion dollar franchise and his MCU’s future looks bright.

According to a special scoop from Giant Freakin Robot, Michael is currently in talks with Marvel Studios to join the franchise but not as a Magneto. Instead, the Irish actor is widely thought to play another villain for Victor von Doom aka Doctor Doom, the arch-enemy of Fantastic Four.

Magneto as a Different Villain

It would be weird to see Fassbender as a different criminal in the MCU but if there is one character who can get out completely, it is Doctor Doom. However, this is still a rumour at the moment but given Kevin Feige’s official announcement of Fanstatic Fourreboot plans during Disney Investment Day in 2020, it is safe to assume that they are already working on a project earlier.


Marvel Studios has expanded into Disney + television broadcasting with binding games, starting with WandaVision in 2021 as the start of Phase Four.

Soundtrack albums have been released in all the films and television series, as well as a compilation album featuring existing music, heard on the films.

MCU incorporates binding jokes published by Marvel Comics, while Marvel Studios has produced a series of short-lived video films, called Marvel One-Shots, as well as a viral marketing campaign on their films and the air through the fake news program WHIH Newsfront.

The franchise has been commercially successful and has often received a critical response. Encouraged other film and television studios on comic book adaptation rights to try to create shared universities.

MCU has focused on other media outlets, apart from the shared space, including attractions at Walt Disney Parks and various Resorts, attractions at Discovery Times Square, the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, two television specials, directing films for each film, and many binding games. , and commercial.

In the meantime, there will be discussions on X-Men restart plans.

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