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Star Trek Discovery Season 4: Will Voyager Character Return?

Star Trek Discovery Season 4

Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Updates: Star Trek: Discovery had an epic season end with all of its crew settling into the late 32nd century, but after that their is a whole another season familiar with the face of Voyager making an appearance in season 4.

The discovery crew now free to set out on new adventure along with ‘The Burn’ arc concluded they are free to set the captaincy of Michael Burnham. Now a new opportunity exists to include Star Trek: Voyager’s ‘EMH’ The doctor, and it is possible there might be two of him.

During season 3 of the crew the team had to struggle with trauma of being out of time along with their grief for lost loved ones, and they must continue this into season 4, leading to the potential for Voyager’s Doctor to return- but this time its not the vision who made it back to the Alpha Quadrant with his crew.

This time The crew of discovery now firmly integrated into a future federation, and they can finally build a new house together.

Star Trek Discovery Season 4 New Cast Members

Star Trek Discovery Season 4

Adding cast members from past shows has extraordinary worth, as found in Seven of Nine’s appearance in Star Trek: Picard. Jeri Ryan’s incorporation was a gigantic achievement, since Seven is a mainstream character as well as in light of the fact that her story improved the show and added something other than help to its nominal lead.

Additional proof for this can be seen by the presence of the late Leonard Nimoy’s Spock, in the Star Trek: Discovery season 3 scene “Unification III,” where Spock’s appearance totally upgraded the story being told.

This bodes well, as the Star Trek: Discovery authors have been evident that adding visitor appearances are not fan administration, yet for genuine reasons of narrating.

In the event that Discovery’s innovative group chooses to incorporate Robert Picardo as an appearance or visitor, it surely won’t be sufficient to just turn on the Doctor’s program.

Thus, with an authentic story reason set up, bringing this dearest Voyager character back isn’t as outlandish as it would appear, and under the correct conditions could undoubtedly work.