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Why Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Should Revisit Deep Space Nine

Star Trek Discovery Season 4
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Star Trek Discovery Season 4 Updates: Star Trek: Discovery can come back to a prior era of the group by returning to the Deep Space Nine Space station to look at what became of the Bajorans.

Star Trek: Discovery can come back to a prior era of the group by returning to Deep Space Nine space station to look after what became of the Bajorans. Discovery’s 3rd season propelled it 900 years into its relative future to the 32nd century.

Finding a fractured in that era- a cataclysmic event called the Burn obliterated most interstellar space travel, & the Federation and Starfleet shriveled in its awake.

By the Discover Season 3 end, the curious of the Burn had been solved and a new source of dilithium crystal – the fuel that powers wrap drives- was pinned by Starfleet. Discovery’s new mission, with its new skipper, Captain Michael Burnham, would be distributing that fuel to Federation allies and try to bring former people back into the fold.

One of Discovery’s first terminus should be Deep Space Nine. While the roles who inhabited the space station in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine would be long dead by the era of the Discovery’s 4th season, there is no reason that the station itself would not still be there. It was maintained y the Bajoran people, who notorious

Declined to join the Federation over the seven-season of DS9. Apart from the nostalgic pull of looking at the station again, Deep Space Nine serves as an important interstellar hub that the Federation would have been vested interest in reviving.

Star Trek Discovery Season 4: What is Deep Space Nine

Star Trek Discovery Season 4
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There is also a thematic strong build connection between Discovery and Deep Space Nine. They both star morally complicated leads.- Michael Burnham and Benjamin Sisko- who began as angry Commanders before becoming self-assured Captains in the 3rd season.

Discovery also borrowed the second season, and will reportedly be the basis of the upcoming offshoot starring Michelle Yeoh’s Mirror Universe Philippa Georgiou.

Star Trek: Discovery very literally jumped from its past to embrace the great infamous of the franchise’s far future, That led to a few interesting new worlds and allies in season 3, but the most affecting episode was “Unification III’, the episode that viewed as a direct follow up to the Star Trek: The Next generation two-parter “Unification Part 1&2”.

That episode unleashes what has become of the Vulcans and Romulans centuries after Ambassador Spock began the process of reunification on Romulus. That Spock’s dream of reunification was attained on Ni’Var, the planet formerly known as Vulcan, was one of the show’s most emotionally resonant moments.

Similarly, the emotional territory would be easy to mine from a return trip to Bajor and Deep Space Nine. With DS9 ended with many questions unanswered- This is Star Trek’s chance to grace the series by providing some closure.


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