Cobra Kai Season 3: Every Miyagi-Do Karate Student Daniel Taught So Far

Cobra Kai Season 3 Updates: Daniel LaRusso has shorty opened his own dojo in opposition to cobra kai. Daniel LaRusso has been teaching a number of students from Miyagi-Do karate.

For the first two seasons of cobra kai, Daniel LaRusso was known to teach some promising students about the Miyagi-Do karate. As in season 3, Daniel’s students will be seen combating a brutal breed of Cobra Kais.

The main motive of seasons 1 and 2 of cobra is introducing the reprise roles of karate kids including characters like Johnny, Daniel, and Kreese. Some of the new talented young karate kids have also been introduced.

Let’s Check Out The List Of All The Miyagi-Do Students So Far in Cobra Kai Season 3

Robby Keene

Cobra Kai Season 3

Robby has been a student with a “much-complicated life”. He is the first and original student of Daniel. When counting Daniel’s students one cannot forget the name, Robby. Robby has lived a life that was worth improving.

He worked with Daniel because of spite of his father but soon the relationship between Daniel and Robby turned into something very powerful. Along with that the soft nature of Miyagi also worked as a mentor for the young boy. He received what he was almost lacking.

Samantha LaRusso

Cobra Kai Season 3

Samantha is the daughter of Daniel. She is the second student of Daniel after Robby, but not technically. Technically, she is the first student of Daniel. Being his daughter she acquired his teachings from a very early age since she was born.

Daniel’s daughter is one of the very intelligent and most skilled fighters from cobra kai. She joined her father’s dojo after she left his teaching years ago.


Demetri is the last one to join before the exodus from cobra kai. He is the third student of Daniel. Demetri is not so quick a learner as Sam and Robby but is here due to his personals reasons.

He joined Daniel’s dojo out of frustration for what was done to his friend Elli. One more reason is that he wanted to protect himself from getting bullied.


Chris is one of those students who initially worked with cobra kai, but ended up with Daniel’s dojo. After Daniel revealed some tactics from Kreese, many students decided to continue with Miyagi-Do instead.

Chris is one of the very aggressive and violence-loving creatures. He even involves fights with Daniel. Season 2 and season 3 will see more about Chris.


Nathaniel is somewhat is Chris. He also ended up with Miyagi-Do instead of Daniel. This character from cobra kai has nothing much to do with the lead roles but there are chances that he may get more preference with coming seasons.


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