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Strip Down, Rise Up: Watch Trailer for Netflix’s Restorative Pole Dancing Documentary

Strip Down, Rise Up

Strip Down, Rise Up Updates: The Sheila Kelley of the Good Doctor works as one of the central characters at Strip Down, the upcoming Netflix documentary on the power of restorative pole dance, in a very different form of healing.

Premiering Friday 5 February, the film truth style follows a diverse group of women of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, and body types who claim themselves through dancing as a sport, art, or as a way to unclothe themselves in order to heal from trauma, free shame, and restore The film are directed by Academy award-nominated director-producer Michele Ohayon.

Shooting with rare access from a women-wide crew, Strip Down, Rise Up promises “an emotional, visually astonishing, and unexpected look at the fascinating backstage world of polar art and expression.

In the exclusive PEOPLE look at Michele Ohayon’s film trailer, a group of women meets to overcome traumas and fears by learning how to perform a dance.

Strip Down, Rise Up: Trailer

Strip Down, Rise Up

Ohayon says that “The film portrays how self-acceptance, confidence, and self-love are regained by women coping with grief, trauma, and guilt. It is to honor women who change into the glamorous, sensual art of pole dancing and action from survivor to victor.

The film shows how self-acceptance is regained by women coping with grief, trauma, and guilt. One of the film’s subjects says in the trailer, “It’s not about feeling pretty, it’s about feeling powerful,” “I want some of that.

“I’m an old widow. My goal is to climb the pole. Another scene shows how women got molested. Latter one describes dancing as the remedy for battling cancer.

Strip Down, Rise Up, filmed by an all-female crew, also features several pole dance teachers who inspire their students to practice pole dancing artistry.

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